Council to vote for expansion of police department, TDK Extension resolution withdrawn


Peachtree City intends to pay $4 million for property at 102 Guthrie Way to expand the current police department headquarters building that will include a “fully functioning gun range.”

The proposed contract for the building expansion off of Ga. Highway 74 South is marked as “confidential.”

The city says the following about its plans:

“The purchase of this property is intended to fill the current and future need for our Police Department operations and to provide for a dedicated Emergency Operations Center.

“Staff has been developing plans to expand our Police Department building over the past three years with various options being considered and conceptualized.

“The purchase of this property will solve current and future needs of the Police Department for decades to come via additional office and meeting space, plus providing a robust training facility complete with a fully functioning gun range.”

Meanwhile new Council member Suzanne Brown — who proposed a resolution against the building a bridge across the dam at Lake McIntosh to facilitate a new boulevard into Coweta County that links with Crosstown Road — withdrew it Monday afternoon.

The now withdrawn resolution was asking the Fayette County Commission to delete the so-called TDK Extension from the county’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

The resolution — now withdrawn — “encourages the Coweta County Board of Commissioners to identify the growing burden on Coweta County commuters caused by large retail and residential developments in the eastern portion of the county, and work with the Atlanta Regional Commission, City of Sharpsburg, City of Senoia, and the Three Rivers Planning Commission to identify and implement alternative routes within Coweta County to provide relief to residents living in Eastern Coweta County by obtaining better access to I-85.”

Below is the agenda for March 7 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall:


  1. TDK extension is the right thing to do. Rather than benefitting East Coweta sparsely populated area, it will help ease congestion at the 54/74 intersection. This is very easy to see, I don’t understand the concerns of my fellow PTC citizens with this. Let’s get over it and welcome this long-awaited development.

    • We do not want traffic bisecting and partitioning our city. Traffic is like water in that where there is an outlet, water will flow. Imagine any traffic west and looking to go east of us will find Crosstown Drive an alternative to GA-100, 27, 16, 34, and 54. It’s just not East Coweta traffic. TDK is our finger holding the dyke. I will like to see GA-16 improved. There appears potential for a new road connecting Minix Rd to the West Dogwood Trail area, but I will like to see something a little further north, possibly Castlewood Rd to Tyrone Rd.

      • Council’s willingness to discuss bypass options are indeed laudable, but let’s hope they understand that by making accessibility and convenience for our neighbors to the west, they are degrading the quality of life of a significant portion of Peachtree City’s population. The post above stating that the area of Coweta being sparsely populated is correct, currently, but does anyone believe it will remain sparse?
        Fact is that there have been proposals for residential and commercial development galore for the area. Further, realizing the growth of Coweta County is much greater than that of Fayette, it should be apparent that if they were serious about additional access to I-85 their planning would include this. They would much rather open TDK with a bridge thereby dumping the traffic and road upgrade expense onto Peachtree
        City primarily and to a lesser degree Fayette County residents.
        Many realize that with the start(whenever that may be) of the displaced left turn at 54/74 Coweta commuters will be most affected and be forced to seek alternative routes such as Minix or Fischer Roads. Until now Coweta has yet to be serious about addressing this.
        Let the discussions begin!

  2. Regarding Council Member Brown”s resolution to withdraw bridging a TDK Extension from Fayette County’s Transportation Plan, I have to ask who placed it back on the plan. The previous Council requested it be removed and the County Commissioners agreed. This withdrawal has nothing to do with the identified organizations developing alternate routes to I-85, they most certainly can do this without a TDK Extension.
    As before, it will come back to Fayette County to open the connection at the cost of ultimately upgrading not only TDK Blvd, bur Crosstown Road, a widening of the CSX bridge, and Ebeneezer Rd. Most of this being PTC streets with the remainder in unincorporated Fayette of which Peachtree City will fund nearly forty percent.
    Are we doing this to make it more convenient for Coweta residents at our expense? It would seem to me that our Mayor is doing her friends in Coweta County a great favor.