Domestic incidents turn into felony charges; fleeing driver powers through grass in front of police department


Two unrelated incidents last week included domestic arguments that resulted in felony charges against one of the participants in each.

According to reports, deputies responded Feb. 25 to a residence on Hilo Road where a divorced couple was involved in a verbal altercation in front of their children.

It did not become physical, but the suspect refused to leave when his ex-wife told him to and he did not want to cooperate with deputies when they arrived, so they restrained him. Some things were damaged in the house as well.

LaDarius McElwaney, 28, of Fayetteville was charged with two felony counts of cruelty to children along with lesser charges of obstruction of an officer, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

The other incident took place Feb. 27 in the area of the Hwy. 85 Connector and Mask Road. A woman had been staying with her boyfriend at this location and the two of them got into a verbal dispute, after which she started damaging things inside and outside the house. Sarah Pringle, 37, of Grantville was charged with criminal damage in the second degree.

Elsewhere in the county, a traffic stop was conducted Feb. 26 by Peachtree City police on Hwy. 54 near Governors Square due to seat belt violations by the driver and passenger. It was discovered during the ensuing investigation that the passenger was in possession of someone else’s identifying information without that person’s knowledge.

Aerial Harris, 21, of Decatur was arrested on a felony count of financial identity fraud and taken to Fayette County Jail. Upon arrival, she crossed the guardline with marijuana on her person after previously having been warned about it. That resulted in another felony charge as well as misdemeanor marijuana possession.

An officer spoke to a theft victim the evening of Feb. 25 about his golf cart being stolen from Stevens Entry. The golf cart was later located and Noah Boggs, 19, of Fayetteville was arrested for theft by receiving stolen property.

Police reported that during a Feb. 28 incident a customer shoplifted several KitchenAid products from the Kroger on Crosstown Drive. The total value was reported as more than $400. Police said there is video footage of the suspect and they have his name due to him listing the items for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

A Feb. 28 traffic stop in the area of Hwy. 74 and Crosstown Drive was disrupted when the driver of the black Infiniti SUV fled in a reckless manner, jumping the curb and driving through the grass in front of the police department. The pursuit ensued along Hwy. 74 and ended with a PIT maneuver. Avery Nunally, 27, was charged with a felony count of attempting to elude as well as misdemeanor obstruction.