Mustaches make for motivation at Crabapple Lane

To motivate the school during a fundraiser, three Crabapple Lane Elementary teachers offered to shave if they hit their goal. The whole school donned fake mustaches in celebration.

A Crabapple Lane Elementary PTO fundraiser was a big success for a unique reason.

To motivate the Cardinals, PE teacher Nick Bellantoni offered up his signature mustache. He would shave it off if they hit the goal, and two others, 5th grade teacher Khristian Collins and parapro Jason Johnson, joined in for the cause.

When the Cardinals hit the mark, the trio of teachers held up their end of the bargain.

The school celebrated the freshly-shorn faces by donning fake mustaches of their own, including the students.

“It was a fun way to celebrate meeting a goal,” said Principal Vicki Rachels.