Peachtree City runner-up issues ‘Crane Challenge’


Thank you to everyone who voted in the Special Election for PTC Council Post 3. Since no one secured a majority, we are heading to a run-off on Decemeber 6th. Once again I will be asking for your support to come out and vote.

During the Rotary forum last week my runoff opponent, Mr. Holland, said he would have preferred a debate. Mr. Holland and I are both Conservative Republicans so it’s important to highlight our differences. I challenge Mr. Holland to a debate any time, any place so voters can compare and contrast our platforms. My only condition is that the debate is recorded and live-streamed.

If Mr. Holland accepts my challenge, we will need community support to make this happen. If your organization would like to host this debate, please reach out to me at (404) 783-7053 or

Phil Crane

Peachtree City (Ga.) Native