Students shine at Clemson Declamation Contest


Fayette students again ranked among the best at the Clemson University Poetry Declamation Contest. Students from all five high schools placed in the competition, including 18 first place awards.

Clemson University’s Department of Foreign Languages poetry declamation contest gives students the opportunity to perform poetry in their language of study and receive feedback from leading language educators. Participants perform two poems from memory, specified according to students’ level of language study. They are evaluated based on pronunciation, interpretation of text, smoothness of delivery, and textural accuracy.

The 2022 Clemson Poetry Declamation Contest placements are as follows:


Fayette County High

French-2: Manuela Aguegue 1st; Selah Lethers 1st; Zahra Farhat 2nd

Spanish-2: Nora Boylan 1st; Abigail Bartholomew 2nd; Nabiha Bhamani 2nd; Jennifer Okudo 2nd; Bryan Colocho-Valle 3rd

Spanish-1: Modoukpe Aguegue 1st

Spanish-Native Speaker: Juan Amezquita Acosta 1st; Janelle Valencia 2nd


McIntosh High

German-4: Charlie Votin 1st

German-1: Cade Simpson 2nd

German-Native Speaker: Sophie Thompson 1st

Spanish-4: Jayla Jackson 1st; Katarina Thompson 2nd

Spanish-3: Sophia Farinacci 1st; Dhriti Gramani 1st; Verdita Sawhney 1st; Sage Shah 2nd; Ellie Shelton 2nd; Simrah Batliwala 3rd

Spanish-2: Om Khasnis 1st; Eric Van Hall 2nd; Blythe Barrow 3rd; Corynn Luna 3rd

Spanish-1: Layla Cotton 2nd; Laira Cruz 2nd


Sandy Creek High

Spanish-4: Cynthia Moro 3rd


Starr’s Mill High

French-4: Elise Gimpert 2nd

French-3: Ranya Nefoussi 2nd; Ansiba Bakaly 3rd; Madeline Johnson 3rd

French-2: Shaunah Park 2nd

German-3: Juan Fritschy-Cartier 1st

Spanish-4: Katie Rausch 1st

Spanish-3: Stanley Dierkes 3rd; Abby McSpadden 3rd

Spanish-2: Bella Gorman 1st; Bailey Tourre 2nd; Elizabeth Jackson 3rd

Spanish 1: Chelsea Hacket 1st


Whitewater High

French-4: Carolina Stover 3rd

French-3: Kevin Peralta 1st; Faith Johnson 2nd

French-2: Arianna Peralta 2nd; Santhia Jackson 3rd

French-1: Serenity Maxwell 2nd

German-2: Mary Elise Byers 1st; Victoria Johnson 3rd

Spanish-2: Nicholas Cohran 3rd; Chiamaka Elegemadu-Duru 3rd

Spanish-1: Alexis Person 3rd

Spanish-Native Speaker: Bianca Romero 2nd; Ashlee Barranco 3rd