Something to like about, something to wonder about with all 5 Peachtree City Post 3 council candidates


And you can find out what those differences are by clicking on answers from each of the five candidates seeking to fill the vacated Post 3 City Council seat after the vote is counted next month.

One sample: their answers to what one candidate called our “slanted” questions about multi-family apartments and mixed-use developments.

Phil Crane: “I would like to see some business lofts as a form of mixed-use in the city. A business loft would have business owners living above their place of business.”

Mark Gelhardt: “I am not in favor of ‘mix use’ development for PTC. Peachtree City was not built and envisioned to have mix-use development, that is not who we are as a city.”

Kenneth Hamner: “I approve of the compromise that was made to include mixed use in the Comprehensive Plan that said those buildings are no taller than three stories, and as a Council Member, I will make sure that any development is in-line with that compromise while adhering to our village concept.”

Clint Holland: “I am against any mixed-use developments, either suburban-style or urban-style along with any urbanization in PTC.”

Kevin Madden: “Each request for new or revised development in our city should be looked at individually and judged on its merits or lack there of.”

Our questions cover everything from tax rate rollbacks to apartment rezonings to time limits on public comments during council meetings.

Check out each candidate’s responses to our 11 no-wiggle-room questions by clicking on the links below:

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