Candidate Holland will best protect village concept of Peachtree City: Imker


Please consider voting for Mr. Clint Holland for Peachtree City Council Post #3. I am voting for him.

After evaluating all the candidates for Post #3 I believe Mr. Holland is undoubtedly the best choice. Mr. Holland’s ideas and solutions are aligned with the citizens’ priorities of our wonderful community.

He will protect our village concept by stopping the urbanization and mixed-use plans our current council has in store for us. We do not want more development of this type, especially along the GA54 corridor. How many times must we tell this to the city council? Mr. Holland has heard us and will work for us, not the developers who only want to pocket more cash for themselves.

Mr. Holland has already demonstrated his budgetary prowess for me. When I tell you he will be a hawk looking out for our tax dollars you can believe it. He has already proved his understanding of the city budget and realizes carrying a 50% cash reserve is overkill when our policy is only 31%. That’s millions and millions of dollars more than needed! He also realizes the city council’s unnecessary 17% tax increase on our property tax this year was totally without justification.

There is much more to Mr. Holland’s ideas and proposals on his web site. Take a look and I think you’ll agree he is the one for us.

Eric Imker

Former City Council Member, Post #1

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Just catching up on the comments here as my wife was in the hospital all day today being tested, scanned examined, and treated.
    Yes, I met Terry recently at the Crosstown Grille on October 13th, and we chatted amicably about our beautiful city for 30 minutes. It appears that Terry has judged me after 30 minutes that I don’t have a grasp of what is needed here in Peachtree City! Well Terry, I certainly do have a grasp on things here and I have not been afraid to post them in my campaign platform located on my website at . It is a concise list of issues that PTC residents want to have happen here. Please go and read it and then you can tell me that you have listened to our citizens and not heard the same concerns.

  2. My name is Terry Ernst and I am asking you to support Phil Crane in this runoff election for the Post 3 City Council seat. Mr. Imker supports Clint Holland who I have met and listened to his ideas. He is new to the area and I do not believe he has a good grasp on our community yet. He has some good ideas, I just don’t believe he is ready yet. That being said Phil Crane is a life long resident of our community. He did leave long enough to attend medical school but came right back because of his love for Peachtree City. Phil lost in his bid for Post 3 in the last election but he did not give up. He continues to be involved. He has attended almost every council meeting since that election and is currently on the citizens SPLOST committee. I encourage you to read his platform and ask any question you have about his ideas. He will not hesitate to give you an answer. I spent 8 years on the City Council and I love this city. I believe Phil Crane feels the same way. Please do your homework but I encourage you to vote for Phil Crane. He will not disappoint you.

  3. I’m sorry Eric, but you can’t protect the village concept if your plan is to kill it. Clint’s solution to 54/74 is an overpass. Nothing could kill the village concept faster than that giant monstrosity, funded by PTC Tax dollars no less, in the middle of our city. As someone who has lived the village concept from youth to adult, I want my future children to be able to live it as well.