Did you know we have a Peachtree City plan for growth?


I was a top-level governmental and corporate planner for decades. The big problem with planning is that these plans are often ignored, as was the first Georgia State Health Plan in the 1970s. A unit under me authored it and I sent to the Governor and Legislature. Who promptly ignored it, causing me to leave government for private enterprise in the 80s. 

Of course, corporate CEOs often ignore their planning departments as well, failing to read complex analysis and recommendations. As with politicains, they just want a one-page summary of what to do and why.

All of the above is a prelude to introduce the PTC Comprehensive Plan. I did not have anything to do with its construction other than giving general input, nor did many of PTC’s voters (500 plus were involved). That’s not anyone’s fault. Its just hard to get the message out to all residents.

But it was recently approved by the City Council, so you should read it and let your City Council person know your thoughts, positive or negative. Click here for a link to the plan.

Jack Bernard

Peachtree City, Ga.