Macon boy, 13, carrying concealed pistol, and 4 other teens stopped after midnight driving to house party


Going to a party after midnight with a few teenage friends? That is what a Peachtree City cop was told after a traffic stop. Thing is, one of the passengers was a 13-year-old from Macon carrying a loaded, concealed handgun.

The police report noted that an officer shortly after midnight on July 24 conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Robinson Road at Whitfield Run Road, a short distance from Ga. Highway 54.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt said there were five teenagers in the vehicle.

Of the five, two were cited for infractions. One of those, Jaquavious J. Houston, 17, of Atlanta, was cited for less than an ounce of marijuana, Hyatt said.

The other, a 13-year-old male from Macon, had a loaded firearm concealed in his waistband, along with a small amount of marijuana, said Hyatt.

The group of teens told officers they were in Peachtree City because they were going to a house party, Hyatt said.

In another case, an officer on July 24 at 11:05 p.m. found an open outdoor shed behind the Curves women’s fitness center on Hwy. 54.

The owner of the business was contacted and later arrived on scene.

Hyatt said the shed was unlocked, though pry marks were visible around the door.

The business is determining what was missing from the shed, Hyatt said.


        • Makes it very easy to see where “the parties at”…much different than when I grew up in the late 70’s 80’s…kids put this stuff on Tik Tok etc…folks everywhere come running..parents out of town, kids charging cover charges etc..

          • I see, thanks for the clarification. So crazy that’s how it’s done now! Growing up in PTC in the 90’s and early 00’s, it was word of mouth/notes in lockers. Very creepy and sketchy to post an open house party on Tik Tok, I had no idea that was a thing!! No cover charge would be enough to make that ok to me!

      • Yeah, back in the day it was by invitation-only and by word of mouth through a couple of easy phone calls to fill up a house for a party in a matter of hours. “Chicks” and G-town Preppies got in for free at Keg’er Kavanaugh’s house.

    • @Vics1966, can you provide clarity on what you mean by your “types” comment? Additionally, there’s a lot of CP, financial crimes, theft, and DUI arrests (some with fatalities) down here….yet you seldom comment on those stories; what’s the difference between? I think we’ve all had a wayward moment in our youth or experienced a difficult stage at some point……so is it really necessary to look down or speak poorly on a whole class or color of people? Not attacking you, I just don’t think (my opinion) that’s a good look. I know of plenty of people who come from great backgrounds and still got disbarred and embarrassed themselves & their families. My point sir is ANYONE can screw up in life. Perhaps none of us sit so high that we should judge one another for a poor decision or difficult stage in life……especially without having all the facts.

      • You have a point Esquire but spare me the half-baked social commentary you are trying to make.

        I was a dumb 13 year old red neck kid and did a few stupid things,too…but somehow missed getting into a car with a gun and others to seek out a house party a hundred miles from home in the middle of the night….I wonder what could have happened if they had not been stopped?

        My comment on the “type” was specific to the individual and the group…I think if you total up the numbers of these “types” and groups you have a demographic that involves just what you think I’m talking about. (Where are the parents?).
        FYI …I comment a lot on other CP’s out there.