Puppy love preps Inman for holidays

inman elementary puppies
Inman Elementary was visited by puppies as a brief break from the end-of-semester rush.

Inman Elementary took a much-needed break in the midst of the end-of-semester rush with a visit from some adorable puppies.

Elementary instructional coach Julie Fowler wanted to find a way to repay teachers for giving 110 percent all year long, so she facilitated the visit from several new four-legged friends to spread cheer and unconditional love to the faculty and staff.

“It was such a release of stress during this busy season. I loved seeing the full range of emotions that presented themselves in our staff from tears to squeals of joy,” said Fowler. “We all talk about self-care and doing things that bring you joy to help cope with the difficulties of our work, so we brought that to the amazing Inman staff. We wanted our staff to know that their well-being matters to us. We wanted them to experience pure joy, have contagious giggles, and smile until their faces hurt. They are so very deserving!”