Local candidates answer 6 questions about themselves and their platforms


A local website is presenting candidates’s responses to 6 questions about themselves and what they intend to do if elected. Here’s the story:


The Peachtree City Moms, part of The Local Moms Network, is committed to Giving Moms the Gift of Time, by delivering hyper-local resources and community connections for busy Coweta and Fayette County Moms providing instant access to local events, activities, resources, and more all through our website and social media platforms. 

I’m so proud and honored to present our most recent resource page, The Peachtree City Moms 2021 Election Guide including a stellar list of candidates, each very passionate about our great city.

After many requests from our readers, this guide was created to help us all get to know each of the candidates running for Mayor and City Council this year.

In order to interview each candidate in a fair and unbiased setting, I polled our audience to determine which questions were most important to our Moms. The TOP 6 questions, from the poll, were sent to each Candidate. Here are their responses!

I am very thankful for the participation of ALL the Candidates and to be able to present this very comprehensive Election Guide. I hope you find it to be a great resource before heading to the polls in November 2nd, 2021. Thank you to our sponsors, Honda of Newnan and Peachtree City Golf Cars!

Best regards,

Caroline Kirsch

The Peachtree City Moms


Answers from candidates for Peachtree City Council, Fayetteville City Council and Tyrone Town Council can be found by clicking here.


  1. I seem to remember past hard copy Citizens not anyone else’s summary of all PTC stated City Council and Mayor candidate statements why and what they are running reasons. Did the Citizen or staff do that online this coming election? Have I missed that?

  2. I would like to hear from each candidate how/why you can effectively balance and even oppose the sitting City Mgr… who has day-to-day authority over and can weaken PTC’s Village Concept foundation in favor of expanding a tax base thru annexation that has us paying more at expense to existing strained services. Do we have a Citizen right n need to receive updated publicly disclosed cost/benefit ratios on a 3-5-10 year basis for past n recent annexations?

  3. Don, WRONG.

    IF Frank is talking about the townhomes behind the Pit Stop on 54, then he’s lying because he and the entire Planning Commission voted to recommend that project. IF he’s talking about the Pit Stop on 74, then he’s lying because council did not vote for townhomes there.

    It’s not a typo, he’s talking about this phantom vote by council all over the place as being the 74 Pit Stop.

  4. Just a correction on a statement by Mr Destadio: He states that recently Council approved a rezoning behind the Pit Stop on Hwy 74 for townhomes. This is incorrect, the rezoning was for an extended stay hotel, not townhomes. Further since the advent of COVID no construction has been initiated, and if not done the property reverts back to its original zoning of Office/Industrial.