Why we can’t trust government


In this letter, I’d like to look at various, seemingly disparate topics and demonstrate how they together show the folly of putting anything but the minimum amount of trust in our government or any party that tells you the government is the solution (i.e., the Democrats).

The first is the tragic case of the female Olympic gymnasts who were abused in Michigan for 20 years by the team doctor, Dr. Larry Nassar. The fact that the US Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics program let this predator horribly abuse the girls given to his care is bad enough. The girls are severely damaged for life. The blind eye turned to the program also speaks of the sometimes perverse desire that parents and society have to see children succeed in sports regardless of the cost. That is a separate topic.

What was most troubling about the Senate testimony was how the FBI, that lauded institution, failed to protect the girls or properly investigate the charges. In fact, the FBI told the girls to stay quiet so as not to negatively impact the program’s Olympic success while assuring them that the investigation was underway. In fact, it was not. The FBI lied to these girls about their efforts in order to pursue Olympic glory and engage in the ever-common practice of CYA.

In other words, our government failed to first protect these children and then to properly deal with the perpetrators and enablers when the charges finally came out. Despicable.

Now let’s turn to the debacle in Afghanistan, where the leading figure of the Democratic Party, Biden, made promises after promises that the situation in Afghanistan would be just fine and that we could trust him to properly manage the withdrawal and evacuate all the US citizens, green card holders, and special visa applicants/Afghan allies.

We all know what happened. Everything Biden told us about the situation was at best wrong, and at worst a bald-faced lie.

This man, purportedly famous for his “empathy” and “caring,” couldn’t care enough about our own citizens and friends in Afghanistan to spend 10 minutes to figure out how to properly manage the evacuation without leaving people behind or turning the country back over to the very same malignant actors we removed 20 years ago.

Again, here we have an example of the government failing in its basic duty to protect the people given to its charge, and not because of a lack of ability, but because of a lack of will and an overriding concern for political posturing.

How about Covid? Do we think our government has done a good job handling this most deadly of pandemics? Trump had his mis-steps, to be sure, but I recall both Biden and Kamala Harris saying they would not trust a vaccine developed under the Trump FDA, as if he controlled the vast throng of bureaucrats in that agency or any government agency (heck, his own FBI was out to get him).

Then, once they got elected, the message changed 180 degrees. Get the vaccine! It’s the greatest thing ever! What changed? Did the Democrats somehow improve the testing or development process, or change key personnel at the FDA? Nope. They deliberately sowed mistrust of the government’s efforts to support the vaccine’s development, thus endangering Americans, but then tried to fool the American public by taking credit for it, with the complicit help of the media, as usual.

Have the government or the Democrats pushed the CDC to do thorough studies of Covid? No. We largely depend on Israel for such studies. Instead, they just impose their will on issues like masks and the vaccine, regardless of what the data might tell us, which in turn sows distrust in the public of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. (Again, to be clear, I strongly support getting vaccinated.)

They have also nearly ignored treatment options, whether it be hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, or monoclonal antibodies, treatments which may have the ability to save people’s lives. In fact, the monoclonal antibody treatment was approved for use by the FDA in November and HHS is sufficiently confident in its efficacy that they have bought millions of doses.

And yet, have you heard Biden say anything about it during this surge of the pandemic of the unvaccinated? He did finally mention it in his speech on Sept. 9, finally, but meanwhile Gov. DeSantis in Florida has been actively distributing it to treat Covid patients since it’s been shown to reduce hospitalization by 70%.

Biden and the chattering classes have been largely silent on this highly effective treatment option precisely because their political enemies have embraced it, showing once again that the party of government puts politics and government power above the interests and lives of the people.

The final example is the recent “fetal heart-beat” law passed in Texas. Here we actually have a case of government (in Texas, at least) stepping in to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of human beings, the unborn.

And yet, what does the party of government do when such a law is passed? They immediately go into action to strike down the law in the name of protecting “women’s rights” and the laughably named idea of “reproductive rights” (abortion takes place AFTER reproduction has happened, people!).

It’s perhaps logically consistent that the same government who is unwilling to protect female gymnasts from sexual abuse, Afghan women from the oppression and predations of the Taliban, or rape victims at the chaotic Southern Border is very eager to ensure the deaths of baby girls in the womb. There’s a cause they can get behind!

These are the same people that ask not for less, but vastly more control of the country and your liberties, people who when confronted with real problems (often of their own making) routinely fail to fulfill their most basic duty of protecting the lives and well-being of American citizens.

The Democratic Party and its massive force of allies in the bureaucracy, media, academia, journalism, and now corporate America are simply a force for more and more government with more and more control over our lives. It’s not mere socialism, but CONTROL and the ability to re-shape society according to the ideological precepts of woke progressivism.

They do not care who they hurt along the way, whether they play by the rules, whether they need to lie or cheat to achieve their goals. The ends justify the means, and so if that means lying about Russian collusion for 4 years, or colluding with our actual enemies (re: General Milley’s reported discussions with the Chinese military), or ginning up racial animus, they will do it as long as the action redounds to increasing their power.

These people must be resisted and called out for their immoral methods and un-American goals, or our republic will crumble. And they certainly cannot be entrusted with protecting your children, your health, or your property.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Public input has always been critical to the city. Citizen groups brought keep Peachtree City Beautiful, the farmers market and the community gardens to me. I worked with them to make them reality. All the efforts to control everything and push volunteers out of the way has done nothing but harm to the city. It must be restored.

  2. The reason we can’t trust the government is because it’s no longer a government “Of the people, by the people, for the people.” Government now is a class – the ruling class. Politicians get involved in government not out of civic duty or pride – they do it for greed, power, and for their own selfish interests. Our lawmakers and leaders are no longer the neighbors, friends, and people in our communities – they’re lawyers and career politicians who rarely if ever spend time in the private sector and rarely if ever return there after their elected time is over – unless it’s to some cushy lobbyist gig where they can get rich and fat from buying votes. Our representative republic is in trouble.