Shoplifters, beware: Man gets 10 years in prison for theft from Lowe’s


On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, a Spalding County jury convicted Sean Cann of felony Theft by Shoplifting. He was sentenced to ten (10) years in prison by the Honorable Ben D. Coker in the Spalding County Superior Court.

Mr. Cann has a lengthy history of shoplifting in multiple states. The State was represented by Assistant District Attorney Audrey D. Holliday. Investigator Charles Clark of the Griffin Police Department investigated this case.

On the afternoon of August 5, 2022, Sean Cann entered the Lowe’s in Griffin, Georgia. He picked up a hedge trimmer and moved it to the garden center where he climbed a ladder and placed it on top of a shelf. He then made several additional trips throughout the store to pick up other items, such as a Honda generator and DeWalt power tools, and took them to the garden center and placed them on the top shelf.

After staging the items he desired to procure for himself, he then took them off the shelf and placed them on a blue cart. He had an additional cart that had a piece of plywood on it.

He then rolled the two carts to an open space in the soil section of the garden center, placed the merchandise in the opening next to the perimeter fence and then covered the opening with plywood. Mr. Cann left the store and proceeded to get into a vehicle that was driven to the back of the garden center where he cut a hole in the perimeter fence and took the selected merchandise, worth more than $2,000, without paying for it.

ADA Holliday stated, “while it is not often that we try felony shoplifting cases, it is important for this community and the local businesses to know that we care just as much about shoplifting cases as we do all other cases. Shoplifting has an impact on our local economy and puts others at risk when the offenders do not wish to be apprehended.

“My office will continue to hold shoplifters accountable for the harm they cause this community and those that desire to shoplift must be aware of the consequences. Mr. Cann’s ten-year prison sentence should be a warning to anyone considering shoplifting in this Circuit to make different choices,” District Attorney Marie Broder said of the crime.