Oak Grove “quilts” for 9/11 heroes


September 11, 2001 happened so many years before the students of Oak Grove Elementary were born, but the tragedy left an impact that will be felt through all generations. Oak Grove 3rd grade teacher Ashley Hill continued a tradition she started about a decade ago by having her students make a 9/11 “quilt.”

Hill starts by telling her students about her experience and feelings on the day.

“I was sitting in 8th grade reading class and can remember how I felt like it was yesterday,” she said.

The class watches a Brainpop children’s video about the September 11th attacks, then discusses the different people that were impacted on that day and the days to follow.

“I ask them to think about the various heroes from the day and to draw a picture to be added to our quilt of 9/11 heroes.”

They read a children’s book about the attacks, “September Roses,” and look at a slideshow of pictures of the heroes of the day to guide them in their picture selection.

“My learning objectives were for students to always remember the importance and impact that day made on all of us in America, the world even, and to build patriotism and a feeling of unity in our class while tying the learning back to our reading standards on characters’ thoughts, feelings, and point of view of a story,” said Hill. “I can honestly say they were the most focused and determined to do their personal best on an assignment that they have been all year. They truly understood the depth of seriousness to the task and were proud to give it their best to have displayed in the hallway for all to see.”

Continuing a yearly tradition, Ashley Hill’s students at Oak Grove Elementary drew pictures for a “quilt” of 9/11 heroes.