Updating my letter about mayoral candidate Ferrante and Democratic Underground


In my last letter I may have made a factual error and as one who believes in accuracy and honor, it’s my duty to correct the record.

In that letter I stated that Peachtree City candidate Nick Ferrante is a member of the Democratic Underground site. This was based upon a page on the site highlighting the candidate and his run for PTC mayor, complete with a full color portrait photo. Someone more savvy than I on social media pointed out that his page which I referenced was posted by someone with the pseudonym “RandySF.” (www.democraticunderground.com/100215330446)

Since the post is under pseudonym, I cannot say explicitly that the candidate posted the page or is in fact a member of the social community. As such, in order to be completely accurate I am retracting the statement that Ferrante “is a member” of the site and replacing it with “he is affiliated with the site.”

Other than that specific correction, I stand by the comments made and questions asked about what Democrat policies the candidate supports and his local policy positions as stated on his own candidate website.

Actually, we should know if any of the candidates for mayor support the previously listed policies. Kim? Terry? Eric?

Finally, I was flabbergasted by the reaction of left leaning neighbors to my letter. Over 300 comments on a FaceBook page identified as a non-political site. It appears that the admin deleted the entire thread on Monday morning.

Right from the start, people wanted to know who I am. How dare I challenge their favorite candidate … the editor should vet people before posting letters. Even candidate Ferrante fell into this morass by doing his own social media search on me and reporting to the FB group that I’m a defense contractor … and? Is someone supposed to contact my employer and tell them I’m being naughty?

To be fair, he did not say anything negative about me, but the very actions of looking for my footprint and reporting to the group displays an authoritarian streak. I don’t think that he or folks in his circle even recognize the authoritarian nature of their actions; rather, it’s just how too many people raised on the internet react to being challenged.

To be clear, I am not running for office, Nick is. I’m just a 15 year PTC resident who is asking questions of someone who wants my vote and support as my mayor. Instead of first instinct being to respond to the questions and assertions, first instinct is to identify the threat, maybe to see if exploitable weaknesses are evident. Looks like Rules for Radicals 101 to me.

Alan Felts (Sr.)

Not a pseudonym

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Nick is not who the city needs for Mayor. Aside from his political views which seem most in line with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he doesn’t have the maturity to lead the city. As a candidate, he hasn’t made the brightest decisions which is troublesome for someone who wants to be Mayor.
    As example, although a majority of people in this city voted for President Trump for President, Nick antagonized Trump supporters in the days after the election. Nick stated Trump was incompetent and represented tyranny. He posted pictures of AOC stating “Are you ready!” and said of Trump that he was a despot and couldn’t beat his 6 year-old at chess. He urged Republicans to “Walk Away” – mimicking the Walk Away Campaign that urged minorities to abandon the Democratic Party.
    Regardless of political affiliation, to go out of one’s way to insult a majority of the voters in the city you are running for Mayor is knee-jerk, immature and not very smart. I met with Nick a couple of years ago when he was considering a city council run. At the time I stated that he seemed to be a smart young man that I might support for a city council position one day. When I wouldn’t support him for his Mayoral run, mostly due to what is described above, he accused me of going against my word. When I wrote him privately about it, he copied and pasted what I said on the forum. Not that I said anything I regret, but there is something about someone who would take a private message and post it publicly that turns me the other way.
    The race for Mayor is non-partisan as it should be… there aren’t many decisions on the local level that call into play one’s left or right views. But there are some and Nick’s statements on Facebook lean heavily towards the progressive movement in the country -which personally I believe is dangerous. Of AOC Nick stated “She has a strong grasp of how to effectively utilize the power of the bully pulpit to push the conversation in a more progressive direction.” “I am fine with her unabashedly working to move our country ‘left.'” When pressed on whether or not he would enforce a mandatory mask law in the city Nick replied “I trust Fauci.”

    • LaTella presents a very credible ENDORSEMENT of Nick Ferrante for mayor. This guy is willing to tell the truth about the 45th president’s incompetence and tyrannical aspirations. What a shame it would be to elect a mayor who tells the truth to his constituents instead of placating them with what they want to hear! Who would ever vote for veracity and integrity?

      Truth is always stranger than fiction.

  2. Let me correct this for you! Plus I have a hot tip that proves Nick Ferrante is a member of a radical communist organization intent on destroying democracy, this has been verified by two separate sources, Dr. Amanda HugandKiss, and Mr. I.P. Freely.

    “I apologize for my wildly unsubstantiated claims which had to basis other than my disdain for Democrats. I’m not entirely sure how the internet works, I get most of my information from fictitious Facebook posts and NewsMax. I was wrong, and in doing so i have made a complete ass of myself. BUT, is there any proof he is NOT a radical member of an underground leftist organization?!? For God’s sake, I am a DEFENSE CONTRACTOR who has had the ability to live at the same residence for an extended period of time, these two facts alone make me an expert. Once again, I made false claims without any actual evidence, and proceeded to defend my moronic rant.”

  3. Not to throw stones, but isn’t it a wee bit hypocritical to call out someone for searching the internet for information on you, when your initial letter was relaying information that you yourself had found when searching for dirt on the internet about that person?

  4. In all fairness to Alan, we’ve never met. We should fix that. I’ll run the risk of trolls to make it easy.

    Alan’s, my phone number is 470-399-0300.

    Let’s set up a time to chat and if after that chat, you don’t believe I’m the most fiscally conservative person and principled person in this race then I’ll write my own letter to confessing my inability to sway you.


  5. Right leaning neighbor here. Your letter is a prime example of FUD. It’s the kind of reactionary political identity politicking that is tearing this country apart. Not once did you make a substantive point regarding Ferrante’s platform and expressed ideas. But we’re supposed to avoid him because he is nominally a Democrat? Are you following Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5 or Rule #9 when you do that? Possibly #12?