Booth Middle student serves up popcorn for service project


J.C. Booth Middle 8th grader Grady Sylvester knew just want he wanted to do to show gratitude. As part of Erin Reynolds’s health class, Sylvester was to plan a service project to benefit the community.

“Ms. Reynolds assigned the class to come up with and plan service projects that would benefit the community in some way,” said Sylvester. “It could be anything from giving out time to volunteer, finding ways to make people feel appreciated, donating items to a cause. The list is really endless.”

Sylvester delivers treats to Janet Wiles at Kedron Elementary.

He chose to deliver popcorn treats to both his current school and Kedron Elementary. Sylvester’s mother helped him purchase the supplies, and he made and packed 148 popcorn treats. The bags were adorned with the message, “This may sound corny, but I just wanted to pop by and say thank you!”

“Kedron was my elementary school, and I have a lot of great memories there, so I chose to create a way to say thank you to all the staff. I also made and gave the popcorn treats to all the staff at J.C. Booth Middle School,” he said. “I researched creative ways to show gratitude, and this one stood out as being really fun and unique.”

The experience was so rewarding, it is just the beginning for his community involvement.

“I think it is important to show how much people are appreciated,” he said. “The staff at Kedron and J.C. Booth have made a lasting impact on me, and it’s important to give back in any way you can. The teachers and staff at the schools here really went above and beyond this year so that students could come back to school in person, and that has made a huge difference in our education this year.”

Grady Sylvester stuffs staff mailboxes at J.C. Booth Middle with popcorn treats.