Someone really needs to get to the bottom of the Peachtree City Post Office’s issues


It is really bad when you go to the post office and find a sign posted on the door: “No stamps available only in machine in lobby” and the machine in the lobby was out of the stamps I needed.

That happened last fall and more than once. Then after the first of the year, they just started what seems like randomly delivering our mail.

I run a business and we depend on the mail for a multitude of documents. We have clients and vendors who still do not utilize electronic devices. We went from December 23rd, 11 a.m. mail delivery until December 29th after 7 p.m. mail delivery. We usually get mail every day.

When I called the Post Office on Tuesday morning they denied not delivering the mail but the box was stuffed with mail on Tuesday, 12/29 when I heard them drive up and deliver at 7 p.m.

This same type of scenario has occurred at least 3 more times since the first of the year and I reached out to the U.S. Postal Service Complaints division with no response other than the standard email that the local postmaster will get back with me. Not!

After my being in business in PTC for over 40 years and getting mail delivered every Saturday, they now just decided that we do not need mail on the weekends. So they claimed they no longer pickup our mail or deliver mail on Saturday.

I called and was told that I had told them that we do not need Saturday mail service. Since that was not true I explained it and they advised that it would start back. I have been here every Saturday but one myself for the past 6 weeks and guess what — Saturday mail only happened once.

To be fair, twice they apparently delivered the mail after 5 p.m. on Sunday twice; because I ride by and check the box to make sure mail does not sit overnight and wow, mail appeared.

No Saturday mail this weekend. Yesterday, Monday we did not get any mail until after our office closed. As I was getting ready to leave at 5:45 p.m., I was going to the box to take the mail out and take it to the post office when the postal truck drove up.

On January 28, 2020 a client of ours about a mile down the road mailed us a check. When the check had still not arrived on Feb. 12, the client reissued the check and hand delivered it to me. Their original check showed up on Feb. 16.

And, today, I sent someone to mail 2 certified large envelopes with cash to pay for it because they will not take a company check from just anyone, and you do not send your credit card with someone else. But guess what, they sent him back to me and would not take the mail because he did not have the EXACT change for the postage (including the appropriate cents).

And we have been bailing the Post Office out for how many years and at what cost?

Elaine Powers

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. Just for the record. I agree that there are some very dedicated and professional carriers and staff. However, the root of the extremely poor operations of the postal service is bad management, antiquated practices, and there is absolutely no incentive to improve. In fact they get more and more of our tax dollars as a reward for a very badly run entity.

  2. The exact same problems exist in the Fayetteville PO, too. And it’s true that contacting the complaint division is useless. Last week I was home waiting on a package that I needed to sign for and I saw the mail truck stop at my mailbox and then continue on. When I got he mail from the box I found one of the slips that said they tried to deliver the package. First lie. I signed the notice and gave permission to leave the package on the porch on the next delivery day. I also left a note for the carrier asking why the notice stated “unable to deliver” when I was home standing in the doorway. The carrier wrote back that she rang the doorbell and the dog barked. Second lie. When I actually have to go to the PO I always go to Tyrone. Nice staff and good service. The Fayetteville and PTC offices should take note.

  3. I’ve been here 30 years and any visit to the main PTC post office always seemed to put me in front of sullen and unhappy individuals.
    A while back we had delivery issues, too.
    But now we have the most delightful mail lady, 32 years old, from NY, great energy, who seems to really put attention and detail into her route. I won’t say her name…but she has mentioned the attitudes and unhappiness she encounters at PTC Post office.

    I also know of 2 other happy and helpful route mail drivers…so not all are affected.

    Let’s get to the bottom of this and have a happier group at the main office.
    Meanwhile I go to Card Smart in store postal desk where they are always ready to help.

  4. Exactly. I agree with above.
    We recently moved here from CT. I dread going to the P.O. Even during the holidays, there is only 1 worker despite lines as long as 7 to 8 people. On 2/8, I paid 7.95 to mail a small package Priority. It was received on 2/24. When I complained, I was told the post office did not issue refunds. Bottom line, NO accountability, who cares attitude. Never dealt with such awful service in the North where excellence in service prevailed.

  5. There is still a genuine need for geographically unrestricted physical mail delivery. The U.S. Government levied the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with unreasonable prepaid healthcare benefit costs years ago and the USPS has operated at a financial deficit ever since. The Postal Workers Union has not helped, but generally I find at least 50 percent of postal workers hard working with an overbearing management.

    My recommendations include increasing “across-the-board” rates, developing a secure email networking system and charging for use of the email system. I also will like to see a Peachtree City USPS Postmaster, dedicated to the Peachtree City Post Office.

  6. Why in the world would they WANT to improve? They’re secure in their cushy, government, immune-from-accountability jobs. I’m sure there are some decent, honorable, hard working folks in the USPS. But they have no competition, they have no financial incentive to excel, and the postmasters and managers I”m guessing don’t have the authority to fire underperforming employees.

    This should be a very clear warning sign to anyone who wants government to take control of something that’s currently in the private sector – especially health care. This is what you get when you put an organization in charge, where they don’t have a motive to be excellent. You get average.