Leftists’ definition of unity: Shut up and do it our way


On January 6, The Citizen posted my letter describing the obvious vote counting irregularities that took place in November and made the argument that the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) were gas-lighting the public by stating in a factual way that there were no irregularities, in the same way that they gas-lighted us about Russian collusion with Trump, and “fine people on both sides”, and impeachable phone calls about Biden’s son’s potential criminal arrangement in Ukraine, and UV lights, etc. ad nauseum. That letter, (like this one) was copied to our U.S. Representative Ferguson.

Well, the usual commenters took issue with some of my allusions but never really provided counter-evidence to the arguments made about known irregularities (like State Farm Arena) or testimonies and analysis brought to our state Senate committee. That’s okay, nobody else has rebutted the claims with data either.

But the rioters at the Capitol gave the needed large rug under which all of this could be swept and sweep they did. We all know how this new administration continues to use that one day event to justify colluding with Big Tech and Corporate Media to begin a very aggressive silencing of any more talk of voter irregularities (can’t say the “f” word).

However, even more disturbing than the online commenters (one even suggested, like a good soldier of a totalitarian regime, that the editor stop posting my letters) was the response from Rep. Ferguson.

His reply, which actually read like a form letter did not respond to the argument but rather contained such nuggets as, “Given the unrest in the current political climate, we must avoid actions and words that further drive division in our country and stoke more violence when peace and unity are most needed.” and, “The American people deserve better than another partisan grudge match.” and my favorite, “After all that we have lost this past year, we should set aside political vendettas for the good of the nation.” Talk about missing the point and laying out typical Washington dribble.

As I replied to our Representative, at no time did I call for violence (that is a Leftist trait). Ceding the argument about voting irregularities in the name of “unity” is exactly what the Leftists demand. This is not a partisan matter, this is and American matter. I wonder if Rep. Ferguson is feeling the unity from the Democrats now.

For those who are not aware, Representative Ferguson voted against delaying the electoral Congress certification until a real investigation could be had, maybe allowing the Supreme Court one more chance to hear a case before they could define it as moot.

Had the Representative held this position all along that would at least show conviction. But, the record will show that he had on numerous occasions stated to his constituency that he would vote to delay and investigate. He continued to hold this position right up until, apparently Jan. 5th.

Rep. Ferguson is on record as having had a change of heart upon returning to Washington. Note that unlike our former Senator, he did not use the riot of Jan. 6 as his reason for the sudden change of opinion. I’ll not question the Representative’s motives but only make it clear for those reading that a stated promise to us was subsequently broken. I welcome a public response to this readership from Rep. Ferguson if he takes umbrage with my statements above.

Now, as more evidence of just how out of touch our Representative has become, his office sent an email questionnaire asking his constituents what is their highest priority concern for this Congress. The list included the usual: taxes, immigration, abortion, education, healthcare, jobs, defense.

While these are important matters, what was striking by omission were the most critical matters we face today, Election Integrity (not what the Democrats mean), Free Speech, Big Tech monopolies and their outright abuse of Sec. 230.

If we do not address these issues and put the brakes on the lurch towards governmental totalitarianism currently underway, the desires of the Representative’s constituents will matter less than sand in the desert.

Unity to a totalitarian means, “Get in line, speak these words, stay away from our house of governance, and do as we say. While you are at it, wear two masks!” If this is unity, I’ll pass.

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. abacuss55: Where does one go to become a ‘registered Independent’? you must not live in GA. I guess that it is a matter of public record in which partisan Primary Election one last voted, but I’m unaware how one ‘Registers’ as a member of a particular ideology/political party.
    Hmm sound like a good idea though. That way one could discover who the stupid people are. I am certain that those who wish to control the lives of others would agree. As for me, I don’t give a care for whom one voted.

  2. Mr. Felts argues a faulty premise. One cannot prove oneself innocent, but rather, a plaintiff must establish guilt. Mr. Trump and his acolytes attempted to establish guilt in numerous venues in front of judges from all points on the political spectrum. They were unsuccessful because they had no evidence of fraud.

    Mr. Felts’ claims of election fraud suffer the same deficiencies. If he or others have evidence of fraud, take it to the authorities. The onus is on Mr. Felts and his like minded citizens to prove irregularities, not on everyone else to counter his baseless claims. It is time to put up or shut up.

    I’m good with getting rid of Drew Ferguson. Go for it Alan!

    • Is this the same Ferguson that in December signed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit where one state was challenging another’s election and where SCOTUS declined to hear it based on that said state (Texas) lacked any standing under Article III of the Constitution? The same Ferguson who clearly chose to disregard the Constitution and undermine the public trust?

      The Drew Ferguson who is cosponsoring a bill (H.R. 38) introduced in January seeking to amend title 18 of the US Code? That bill specifically looks to “provide a means by which nonresidents of a State, whose residents may carry concealed firearms may also do so in the State.” So basically, our US House-GA-3 Rep would like to see out-of-state “protestors” bring concealed firearms across state lines to other future political rallies in other states. How convenient.

    • Reality does not agree with you. 54 election lawsuits by Trump and his acolytes… in only 6 of these cases were they ruled against. 24 were dismissed “for lack of standing” which means the merits of the case where never heard. 13 were dropped for various reasons, such as alternative relief or because petitioners joined other filings. 8 are still working their way through the court system.

      Outright fraud is almost impossible to prove precisely because those who engage in fraud take steps to conceal it. You’ll recall that the only reason we ever found out about the Atlanta Public Schools teaching scandal was because a group of researchers were given access to actual test materials for other purposes, and in the process of their research statistical methods demonstrated an unlikely number of corrected answers. The allegations of outright fraud (which is only half of the problem regarding the conduct of the 2020 election) have been demonstrated to be supported by statistical evidence from several independent researchers using publicly available information. But local and state governments have defied public policies on transparency and open governance, refusing to allow election machines or ballots to be audited. When you have fraud with an active attempt to cover up evidence of that fraud, your conspiracy is no longer a theory.

      • Citizen – Like you, I will be watching the remaining court cases to see if any credible evidence of fraud can be proved, and if so, if it was substantial enough to have altered the presidential election results.

        I am much more dubious of accepting any conspiracy theories because it would have required a massive number of nefarious actors over several states. I can’t imagine that number of people keeping quiet about such a large operation. However, if evidence can convince a legitimate court of fraud, I can still be persuaded.

        Hearing the many theories of fraud and conspiracy repeatedly is decidedly unconvincing.

          • Voter Fraud->Massive->Material

            I mean, the sliding scale of blinding one self to the reality that your electoral system is and always been compromised is just good comedy. Four years ago, the same crowd was claiming that Vladimir Putin hacked the election.

          • PTCitizen, please please please provide any evidence that our locally run elections were compromised on a massive scale.

          • Oh, that’s a lot easier. The mere fact that mail in voting was allowed without legislative approval is itself a direct violation of the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Georgia, and therefore compromised the election.

            I was speaking in terms of providing deliberate fraud, which is much harder. But the mere “compromise” of the electoral process is in your face.

          • PTCitizen, Your statement is patently false. In 2005, the Georgia Legislature, lead by Republicans, passed legislation that allowed no-excuse vote by mail with no ID. Fact check yourself before spouting your nonsense.

      • I imagine you are in favor of seeing Trump’s tax returns then?

        Also where can I find the public information that so clearly illustrates massive voter fraud? I have asked all over this site and not a single person can point me to the information.

      • Are we still debating an election where the candidate seeking re-election never had a job performance approval rating over 50% through his four years in office? Again, that’s at no time while in office. No other US president in the last 75 years has had that dubious honor. Heck, even Tricky Dick was well over 50% for “most” of his 5+ years in office.

  3. Hmmm – perhaps if Texans permitted a bit more government they wouldn’t have been freezing and thirsty. Funny how red states shun government until they need a hand-out that blue states pay for. No, I’m not a “gaslighting” liberal. Registered independent – vote centrist.

    • Yes, I’m sure government would have decreed that a once in 120 year arctic front would not be allowed to come down to Texas causing record demand for electric and gasoline.

      And in true Stalinist fashion, anyone who suffered or died as a result of the illegal storm-of-the-century would likewise be sent to the gulag for demonstrating the fallibility of government.

      • Um, you’re pretty far off the mark there. What abacus55 is suggesting is that government might have insisted that costs for winterization of generation assets be recoverable either through a capacity market or other minimum bid price mechanism. That would be the role of the PUC (aka Government). ERCOT actually administered the markets and administered the grid exactly as designed, within the guardrails established by politicians. And ERCOT now gets pilloried by those same politicians. Most of whom are conservative, free-market espousing Republicans. Not that being Dem or Rep makes any difference when it comes to hypocritical behavior.

        • Government is and has been fully aware of the vulnerabilities of the US power grid for more than two decades. They have done absolutely nothing. And you think the answer is more government?

          Let’s set aside the idea that we should spend billions in winterization followed by millions in annual maintenance costs on equipment whose life span is measured in decades all to prepare for a 1-in-120 year arctic front in a State whose average winter temperatures are in the upper 40’s.

          The US electrical system is a mixture of six competing transmission standards used across 12 different infrastructure projects all of which originated during depression era REA programs. Nobody would have designed a power grid like this if they were planning it from inception. It is extremely vulnerable to natural and man-made events. We have been extraordinarily lucky so far, but we’re one well planned terrorist attack or X-class solar flare away from being in the dark for months at a time.

          Google the National Resource Council’s report titled “Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System”. Then go buy a propane generator and start stocking 3 months of dry-store food.