Meat-free Lent can be start of something good


I miss Mardi Gras. I miss being in crowds on Fat Tuesday. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery from the pandemic so we can all congregate again. 

After Fat Tuesday, Lent begins. Lent is the 40-day period before Easter when Christians stop eating meat and dairy in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of reflection. As a Christian, Lent has meaning to me.

For me, I already don’t eat meat and dairy. My plant-based diet helps reduce chronic diseases, environmental degradation, and animal abuse. Countless reports have linked consumption of animal products with risk of heart failure, stroke, cancer, and other diseases.

A U.N. report named meat production as a source of greenhouse gases and water pollution. Investigations have revealed animals raised for food under horrible conditions of caging, crowding, drugging, and mutilation. These actions go against what I believe.

Lent offers an opportunity to honor Jesus’ powerful message of compassion and love for all living beings, stop subsidizing the meat industry, and choose a nonviolent plant-based diet. It’s a diet that goes back to The Bible (Genesis 1:29) and observed in the Garden of Eden.

Enter “plant-based Lent” in Google and explore hundreds meat-free recipes.

Gil Dexter

Griffin, Ga.


  1. Thank you for pointing out this great example oaf “astro-turfing” where a bunch of planted stories are meant to make unsuspecting readers think there is a groundswell movement for something. I also noticed the story of Bill Gates and synthetic beef appearing coincidently the same day. I encourage all to educate their kids and grandkids about this propaganda.

    Bill Gates says rich countries should be eating 100% synthetic beef

  2. Just so that everyone is aware, this is not a genuine letter from a concerned citizen. It is in fact part of a coordinated propaganda campaign by far left intersectional activists. If you plug the first paragraph of this so-called letter into a search engine, you will get not less than 20 completely identical letters from other small local news publications such as The Roane County News of Kingston, Tennessee or the Rutland Herald of Rutland, Vermont, all recently published. As I understand, we can thank Million Dollar Vegan for having sent this script out on their mailing lists a few weeks ago.

    Aside from the dishonesty of the person who sent this in presumably under their real name (otherwise known as plagiarism), there is also the blatant dishonesty arising from the factually incorrect nature of nearly every assertion in the letter itself. It would take a letter 3 times as worded to correct it all. But rather I would appeal to the staff at the Citizen to delete his letter. It is not in the spirit of a Letters to the Editor column in that it is not an expression of concern on the part of a reader. Rather it is scripted boilerplate as part of a disinformation campaign by organizations with an ideological bent. And after 2020, we could all use less of that.

    • If this letter was in fact written by Gil Dexter of Griffin, Georgia, I have no problem with it. Obviously as Mr Krause mentioned, the text is word for word, stolen from somewhere else. At this point, I agree – this is clear plagiarism and should be removed. I’m wondering why The Citizen did not catch this?