Leftist hypocrisy and Biden’s cult of personality


Two things stand out to me now that we have a President Biden in office: one is the incredible hypocrisy of a party who claims to help the “little guy,” and the other is the slavish acquiescence of the press to the cult of personality being built up around Biden.

The Democrats have long championed themselves as being the party of the “little guy,” tirelessly seeking to redress wrongs, put fat cats in their place, and ensure the working classes get their fair share.

And yet, within hours of taking office, Biden had signed various executive orders and talked about other policy objectives that may help some, but will definitely hurt more.

One of the main reasons unemployment for minorities hit an all-time low under Trump was because of his focus on enforcing laws on illegal immigration. Please remember that last phrase: enforcing laws. He wasn’t making things up. Even the notorious incident of “putting kids in cages” was his administration following the letter of the law as interpreted by the courts, and as enforced during the Obama administration. Heck, that picture of a child in a cage on the cover Time magazine was taken during the Obama years.

Illegal immigration is — first and foremost — bad for the illegal immigrants. They are taken advantage of and abused by coyotes, women and children are raped, and they are plopped down in a country where their status makes it dangerous for them to obtain basic services.

But it is also bad for American citizens at the bottom rungs of the labor market, whose jobs are disproportionately taken by these illegal residents. They suffer the consequences both in the job market and in the poor neighborhoods where such immigrants congregate. Their education, healthcare, and general welfare suffer from the presence of undocumented immigrants.

By attempting to end many of the enforcement measures of the Trump administration in the name of humane treatment of illegals, Biden will ensure that their treatment at the hands of coyotes will only worsen and the fate of the poorest American will suffer as well.

Biden then proceeded to stick it to the little guy by killing the Keystone pipeline, which immediately resulted in the loss of more than 1000 jobs. These weren’t jobs for graduates of elite universities or scions of Silicon valley. No, these were jobs for working people, many of whom no doubt are LEGAL immigrants, here to work hard for their version of the American dream. No matter. It’s more important to throw the hard Left a bone than to protect the jobs of working-class Americans.

And the overall policy towards fossil fuels in this administration will likely cause gas prices to rise as Biden seeks to limit fracking (he’s banned it on federal lands), even though he both promised he would and would not do so. Higher gas prices, for those who have studied economics, is a regressive policy because it disproportionately affects poorer people.

Biden’s friends in finance and software can surely afford to pay $1 or $2 more per gallon, if they aren’t already driving a Tesla, but people who can only afford used internal combustion cars, especially pick-ups for manual labor, will be hit very hard by such a policy.

No matter. They and their friends in the coal industry as well must be sacrificed for the greater good, just like Stalin or Mao sacrificing millions of peasants, who they purported to champion, in their quest to remake society in the eyes of their demi-god, Karl Marx.

Speaking of Stalin and Mao, the other thing that drives me nuts about Democrats is their foolish insistence on the nobility and wonderfulness of Joe Biden.

Look, I know there are a minority of conservative Trump supporters who think his you-know-what doesn’t stink, but most conservatives were wary supporters of Trump and willingly criticized him when he did or said something stupid. However, we generally supported Trump not because he was a moral paragon, but because his policies were good for the country (remember that low unemployment rate?).

Democrats and their good friends in the press, however, have nothing but adulation for Biden and his esteemed wife, Dr. Jill. While the press and the media took every chance they could to demean both Trump and his wife, Melania, they instead talk about how Biden is a healer, how Jill is an inspirational example of service, how Biden is the great healer, uniter, and bringer of decency to the tawdry legacy of Trump.

And yet, Biden consistently lashed out at citizens during the campaign, famously calling one guy “fat” and another a “dog-faced pony boy.” Hardly the conduct of a model of decency and decorum.

Then there is the video footage of Biden fondling the hair of women and girls, during official government events.

But these are minor things compared to the real corruption of Biden and his family, which was unceremoniously squelched during the campaign as “Russian disinformation.” Biden’s son reaped millions of dollars in salary and other forms of remuneration explicitly because of the connection to his father from China and the Ukraine. He had no business making such sums based on his own abilities.

And yet, here is Biden, completely unscathed by credible accusations of the same sort that were pursued breathlessly by Democrats and the press for almost all of Trump’s term.

Folks, he is a corrupt politician. I wish the left could at least admit as much and acknowledge holding their nose while they voted for him, like many of us did with Trump. But they can’t.

They can’t even just be quiet about it. No. They must celebrate the man, exalt him, and protect him from any real criticism or legitimate investigation.

If you all are so interested in facts and truth, why can’t you apply that standard to Biden? Is it because your house is built on sand, both in terms of the inherent corruption of your erstwhile standard-bearer and ideological paucity of your agenda?

After all, those who shout loudest, resort to ad-hominem attacks, and use epithets to silence dissent and criticism usually are those whose emperor truly has no clothes.

This would all be darkly humorous if it weren’t actually going to hurt people, and it will. In fact, the epitome of the “little guy,” of the class of people who need the most protection, the unborn, are the ones who are suffering the most as Biden releases federal funds to promote abortion overseas and eyes elimination of the Hyde amendment to that tax-payer money can be used to fund abortions in the U.S.

So much for the “party of the little guy.”

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. This latest diatribe by our local village *diot, reeks of hysteria and self-induced drama. I realize it will be hard for those whose team lost, but this isn’t the end of the world. The Dems were assured that Hillary would win in 2016 and the rug was pulled out from under them – hysteria and drama ensued. This time around, the Trumpers were lead to believe that the Donald would win in a landslide – hysteria and drama has surrounded us. Trey, the country will be here in four years and the person you pick to lead will get their chance. That is how it works. I’m sorry you’re upset that your guy lost. It was his race to lose and yeah, he blew it – you should have picked a better person. Trumpers argue that they could overlook his demeanor because they just loved his policies. It takes more than policies to be a world leader. It takes more than policies to be effective. I have to laugh at your phrase “Biden’s cult of personality” Ha! It’s waaaay to early for that. In fact, I’d argue that Biden’s term will be pretty boring. We won’t have the late night tweets, we won’t have the constant name-calling and bad mouthing someone else. Yeah, I welcome how boring this Presidency will be. There will be no Biden monster truck rallies, there will be no Biden boat parades, there will be no constant self-praise from this President – and I’m thankful for that. You must remember, Biden was elected because we didn’t want Trump anymore – there is no indication of cult of personality with this guy.

    Now, we wait on the edge of our seat for the next installment of the Trey Chronicles.

    P.S. – Did you mention abortion? I didn’t bother to read your whole mess.

  2. Good article and factual.

    I can sum up in one sentence your ideas.

    “I would much rather see a Billionaire become a politician…. than a politician become a millionaire”

    This is because politicians like Biden, Sanders, Obama, Pelosi, etc… have never had a private sector job in their life, know nothing about hiring and firing people, balance sheets, deals that need to be made, supplies that need to be bought, organizational skills that need to be done….all in the hopes of making a successful business which in turn hires people and pays them. That is Capitalism…which Dems/Libs know NOTHING about.

    Thus, they are dependent on the government for their livelihood and well being. They rule according to what THEY can get from their position instead of acting on behalf of their constituents. How anyone can vote for these self serving, abortionist killing millions of babies a year, and allowing illegal immigrants with drugs and human trafficking….. is beyond me.

    These people have been in DC for 30 years, and haven’t solved one problem and have only lined their own pockets (yes, it comes from both sides).

    Trump could have lived a life of luxury without getting tangled up in the DC swamp (donated his salary). But he knows from experience what it takes to succeed. The Dems can’t argue with having the best economy, lowest unemployment before the China Virus hit. No new wars (only President to keep us OUT of wars), and negotiated the ONLY peace settlement in the Middle East.

    The hypocrisy of letting cities burn, businesses destroyed, government buildings being taken over, cops killed….and then fake outrage of some people who broke a few windows and walked peacefully through the Capitol building (those breaking the windows and instigating it were Antifa/BLM…..and Trump supporters should never had followed the crowd in).

    Pelosi and Dems however were praising the Wisconsin protestors who stormed the Capitol building in Wisconsin…… occupying of the Capitol for more than two weeks. This was called a necessary peaceful protest for Democrats. What hypocrisy….

    • Most republicans in congress class haven’t worked either. As far as I’m aware AOC is the only person who started out working as a bartender and “pulled herself up her bootstraps” and got elected to congress. Sanders still goes and buys his own groceries unlike most of the rest of senators on both sides of the aisle.

      The 6th was not peaceful. 5 people died in one day. 4 people died as a result of months of protests and 2 of them were the result of a dumb right wing teenager illegally crossing state borders with guns and shooting 3 people.

      • There are more blue collar Republicans than Dems. Point is, Trump was the business man who got things done,…..Biden is a career politician with NO real world job experience.

        AOC being a bar tender doesn’t quite qualify as someone who has business experience of hiring/firing people, doing payroll, putting a plan into action. She got her degree and went right into politics and could not even run a campaign. If it was not for a Democrat group called Brand New Congress and their financial backing…she would be a nobody.

        The 6th was peaceful with millions of people participating. The people that died: 1 policeman from getting hit on the head by Antifa; 1 Capitol police committed suicide; 1 supporter died from a heart of attack just standing on the street; 1 supporter died from a stroke going to the rally; 1 died from being shot by Capitol police (I can imagine if a BLM member was shot by police…all hell would break loose). Compare that with countless police/bystanders dying during the “summer of love”, countless businesses burned down, countless government property besieged.

        They Hypocrisy…

        • “There are more blue collar Republicans than Dems.” This is false. The majority of blue collar workers are support the democrats.

          Democrats have a huge advantage (63 percent) with voters earning less than $15,000 per year. This advantage carries forward for individuals earning up to $50,000 per year, and then turns in the Republicans’ favor — with just 36 percent of individuals earning more than $200,000 per year supporting Democrats.

          It doesn’t matter, you said private sector job. Working at a bar is a private sector job. Nice attempt to move the goal post.

          Every single politician gets funding from groups, how do you think everyone paid for the endless ads this fall. At least AOC doesn’t take money from corporates donors unlike pretty much every other politician in DC.

          There were not millions of people there, more like 10-15 thousand. Antifa did not kill the cop, as much as antifa hates cops we don’t want to kill them. We just want there to be a lot fewer people employed as cops.

          The thing about the BLM protests is that there were lots of street medics. This is partly the reason so few people died over the months of protesting because there were numerous cases of people getting hit in the head with “less lethal” munitions and there were medics treating them within 30 seconds of them being it. The medics would provide first aid and do what they could until the ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital.

          I haven’t heard anyone other than you refer to the summer of 2020 as the “summer of love.” It wasn’t about love it was about justice and ensuring that all citizens have their rights respected. Destroying property isn’t great but you can’t compare the value of a human life to the value of a business. Besieging government property was the point, force the the government to take notice. Where should people protest? An empty field in the middle of nowhere?

          It’s not hypocrisy. There were people at the capitol calling for pence to be hung. No one at BLM protests called for Trump or Pence to be hung. The vast majority of the BLM protests were peaceful.

    • No the hypocrisy here is you with your posting handle of “ISTAND…” and then you thumb your nose in contempt to that very symbol of democracy with your fatuous words. The MAGA inspired insurrection upon our nation’s government prior to, during, and after Jan 6 only underscores how deeply Trumpism has infected today’s GOP. There’s no longer any accountability for words spoken, actions taken, and now even the white nationalist movement has a firmer seat at the party’s table. Yep, I can only imagine the number of flags you stand for.

      • It amuses me when one can equating a mere slogan (MAGA) to an insurrection when its obvious they fail to recognize their own hypocrisy. But you are correct in that there is absolutely no accountability for words spoken, or worse, ignored in favor of one’s lean.

          • You sir need to move to Venezuela where socialism has killed that country and put its citizens into poverty. Those who have escaped socialism…know what real socialism is. Not some bumper sticker or T0-shirt with Che” Guevara

          • Ok, the current state of Venezuela has nothing to do with the US backed coup in 2013 and the embargo Trump put in place. It’s entirely socialisms fault. /s

            The people that “escape” socialism are those that were doing the exploiting under capitalism. You don’t see a lot of working class people “escape” socialism, it’s almost entirely the extremely rich that had the most to lose in a class war that flee.

            On average people in socialist nations eat better when compared to similarly developed capitalist nations.

          • To be clear, socialists believe the government should provide a range of basic services for people’s most basic needs and help everyone have an equal chance at achieving success. Democratic-socialist ideals draw on some of those principles (think Bernie Sanders with healthcare & education) … but in no way is this akin to Authoritarian-socialism in places like Venezuela; although Donald J does like the thought of ruling by decree and having a military group support him in those efforts.

          • Socialists… who are really Communists who don’t like to be honest about it… seem to forget that they had their chance. The 20th century was the golden age of Socialism, having been tried in more than 100 countries constituting 3/4 of the world’s population. The result? Eugenics, Holodomor, the Holocaust, Stalin’s Purges, Mao’s Cultural revolution, Cambodia’s killing fields, and dozens of lesser acts of mass murder that tolled to 140 million in a 50 year period.

            Never has there been a more stunning failure of a political system, and never has any group of people – other than the ideologically possessed Marxists like Vorosmarti and Doon – said “hey, let’s try again, but this time we’ll do it right.” There is no more arrogant presumption than that.

            Real socialism as been tried. And it’s failed. Real Capitalism, which has been tried, has been so stunningly successful that from 2009 to 2013 it has lifted 1.9 Billion humans globally out of poverty even as we added a billion more who never had to enter povrty. And it has done this while subject to the parasitism of governments with tax rates as high as 40%.

            Marxists don’t like talk about their failures. They like to expropriate the successes of capitalist free market economies and western judeo-christian values as their own. It’s almost like they read something along the lines of “seize the accomplishments of others”. Or was it “seize the means of production”. Either way, their own manifestos are a tacit admission of the failure of statist collectivist ideologies.