3 Ways to stay COVID connected


It’s the holidays and all of Fayetteville is in a tiffy. Go out or stay inside that is the question. If you don’t know how to tackle the holidays please know you are not alone. I myself am wrestling with thoughts of when is the best time to visit family in New Orleans.

How to stay Coved Connected? I’ve compiled three super simple ways of how we all can feel synced even as we stay healthy all while living apart.

1. Write a Handwritten Letter to Loved Ones.

Nothing brings more nostalgia than walking to the mailbox just to discover someone wrote a letter just for you. Give that feeling and it only cost you some ink and a stamp.

2. Donate to Loved Ones favorite Charity. 

For loved ones you can’t actually hold, show them they matter by making a small donation in their name to a foundation they care for.

3. Send Uber Eats & Facetime.

You can still have a meal, just maybe not in person. An UberEats surprise could be just what a special someone needs to lift their spirits all while filling their belly.

As we indulge in warm fuzzy holiday feelings let’s not forget just how Christmas cheer can be fueled with sincere smiles and a positive attitude. Have an amazing holla-day and I’ll see you next year.. literally!


The New Girl