Love, not hate


As I observe the actions and statements of my political and cultural opposites, I can’t help but notice several disturbing trends.

First, the Left and many of their fellow travelers in the Democratic Party seem to hate this country. Not hate aspects of it, or its flaws. But the very country itself. They seek not to reform it or help it achieve our foundational principles, but to tear it down, “burn it to the ground,” and put something else in its place.

For this, Antifa and the more radical members of the Black Lives Matter movement are not called out by the media or Democratic politicians. In fact, they mainly stay quiet or even, as Joe Biden did, question the existence of Antifa…. Such acts of denial and omission can only be interpreted as some form of approval. “Silence is assent,” as BLM says when they charge those who do not vocally support them as being racists.

Second, the violence in our streets really only comes from one side. Yes, there was the shooting in Kenosha and the street brawls of Charlottesville, Va., (3 years ago), but those were mainly responses to provocations by Antifa and other leftists thugs. Obviously, I condemn the racism of the white supremacists who were in Charlottesville, but I do not deny them their right to peacefully protest or gather, as does the Left.

Even as Trump’s supporters rally in Washington, D.C., to support the legal process of ensuring fair and proper election procedures to determine the legitimate winner (which looks to be Biden, no matter the amount of shenanigans), they were attacked by some leftist activists after the sun went down.

Third, the hypocrisy of the Left and liberals in general is startling. They are angry at Trump for questioning the legitimacy of the election when there have been documented failures of procedure and last-minute changes to election rules carried out, not by state legislatures, but by bureaucrats or executive-level politicians. (Note: changes to electoral policies are the purview of state legislatures only, per the Constitution.)

And yet, this same group of people decried the election of Trump, calling for the end of the Electoral College and investigations into the influence of Russia on the results. Hillary Clinton herself questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

So pardon me if I can’t quite muster any sympathy for those same people who now demand we accept the legitimacy of the process that led to Biden’s apparent election.

Fourth, we have the strange spectacle of the same Democratic politicians and think-tank leaders demanding we have more shutdowns and wear masks while eating also campaigning for laws that ensure more abortions and euthanasia. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, one of the loudest voices on the Left, infamously forced elderly Covid-positive patients back into nursing homes, resulting in the highest death rate of any state by a factor of five.

And yet, these people, who seem to covet death as a solution for our society’s woes, are willing to tank the economy and borrow trillions of dollars, bankrupting our children’s future, in order to battle a virus that, though dangerous, does little harm to most demographic groups under the age of 60.

How to account for this bizarre combination of contempt for our country, innocent human life and property, truth and consistency, fairness, and the peaceful expression of political opinions that conflict with their own?

Hey, in one sense, we’re all human and are a mass of contradictions and illogic. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

But I can say that I try to apply the same standards for myself as others, and that I try real hard to love my enemy. I do indeed try to avoid being judgmental about people and especially my political opposites, even as I recoil with horror at some of their ideas and actions.

But I see very little of that from the Left. They seem perfectly happy to label all people as racist, to engage in orgies of hatred towards anyone and anything they deem deplorable or complicit in some imagined campaign of oppression against this or that group.

Their underlying assumption seems to be that everyone is terrible, except for them. They accuse Trump and his supporters as being fascist racists, but they, more than anyone, utilize the tools of fascism and oppression, actively suppressing dissent and sometimes violently attacking those with whom they disagree with little consequence.

This is no way to run a republic, or a decent society.

I will continue to try and love my enemy, to answer their hatred with love and compassion, to “turn the other cheek” and strive for a society based on love and not hate.

I’m not optimistic that everyone on the other side will return the favor, but one can only hope, and pray.

God bless you all and God bless America.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Sounds like a hate message to me, even a bit racist.. Better check your heart my friend. I’m a registered Democrat because that’s how I registered in the 70’s when I had to also register for the draft because of the Vietnam war. I have voted split ticket all my life and calling political parties far left, far right and so on needs to stop if you want “love not hate” as you say.. No president or political party is going to make America great again.. It has to start with you and me. I have Republicans as friends and family members too. I’m more of a conservative than many Republicans I know especially some of the white supremacists lovers that worship Trump. Don’t judge a book by a cover, and don’t ass-u-me a person by their political party. That’s a label. I saw much hate spewing out of Trump’s mouth for the last 4 years. Even when he was running the first time he promoted violence at his rallies. I don’t remember seeing that hate coming out of Bidens mouth or Obama’s.. You’re entitled to your opinion but remember your opinions are just that.. Your grab them by the pu**y, paying off a pornstar and cheating on his wives, saying John McCain wasn’t a war hero, mocking the handicapped, calling women pigs, I could go on and on but I think you fully understand the hate that came from our dictator in chief. He in no way led our nation by a good example. We’re Americans.. The people have voted and Trump lost the popular vote by millions, he never won the popular vote even when he won the election and that’s why so many people didn’t like him. Many more don’t like him even more now as you can see by the election. Chill out, and do something nice like opening a door for a stranger. Changing the hate starts with you and me. One person can change the world. Christ did they when he was on earth. He made a huge impact on the government at that time and he also hated politicians by the way.. Have a great week and wear your mask for your brothers and sisters that you care so much about.