Biden respects military service, Trump disrespects those who died for country


Last month, the story broke that our Commander-in-Chief — who will be visiting Georgia this week — refers to members of the military as “suckers” and to those that died defending our country as “losers.”

Throughout the nine years I spent as a “sucker” and pilot in the United States Air Force, I had the fortune of knowing several of those “losers” of which Donald Trump was speaking.

One of them was my best friend, whose body I escorted to Arlington National Cemetery in 2006. We met as freshmen at the U.S. Air Force Academy and quickly became friends. Though told she was too short to become a pilot, she applied for and eventually received a waiver from the Air Force that would allow her the opportunity to become one.

Tragically, her life was cut short the year after we graduated due to injuries she sustained in an aircraft training accident. Today, my daughter carries her name proudly, and I share with her the story of her namesake regularly.

Our current Commander-in-Chief cannot understand the sacrifice my friend and so many others made because he’s never personally sacrificed anything for his country. American veterans and military families need a president — and our military deserves a Commander-in-Chief — who fully respects the sacrifice of our servicemen and women. That’s why I am voting for Joe Biden.

As the father of a soldier who served in Iraq, Joe understands the feeling and experiences of those who are left at home while their loved one is serving abroad. As someone who has experienced tremendous loss in his life, Joe possesses the empathy that a Commander-in-Chief truly needs. And as someone who has committed his entire adult life to public service, Joe Biden believes in the good that comes from dedicating one’s life to serving others, as our servicemen and women have.

This week, I had the distinct privilege to meet Dr. Jill Biden at an event for Georgia’s veterans and military families. After delivering her remarks, she met, one by one, with each of us that attended. During our visit, she thanked me for my service to our country, and it was clear to me that the Biden family understands the gravity of military service. That humility is essential to restoring our servicemen and women’s confidence in their Commander-in-Chief.

My friend is buried in Section 66, spot 100 in Arlington. I suggest that Donald Trump visit her someday. He might realize that her and others whose graves are marked by simple white headstones didn’t choose the military profession for glory, money, or fame — they did it because they understood that service to others and one’s country is meaningful.

But America’s veterans, military families, and servicemen and women do not have time for Donald Trump to learn to appreciate their sacrifice. We need to elect Joe Biden, because we need a president who knows that in the quest for freedom and liberty, there are no “losers.”

Bryce Remkes

Brooks, Ga.

[Bryce Remkes is a former U.S. Air Force Captain. He deployed twice in support of America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served on active duty from 2005-2014, during which he was awarded two Air Medals for combat missions.]


    President Trump to order all early voting ballots be thrown out and asks everyone to vote again. Concerned that earlier voters did not have all the facts when they cast their ballots, he wants everyone to vote again after reviewing many letters from early voters.

    He cited one letter from a group of Somalian refugees living in Section 8 housing in Lewiston Maine who receive free health, food stamps and an occasional $10,000 windfall when one of them wins a marathon.

    These Somalis feel misled since they were given ballots with Biden’s box already checked and told he and Obama are why you are here with all the fringe benefits (at least that part is true). Most of them thought Obama/Biden was still president and voting for them will just let the good times roll on. They have been told Trump will take their free houses away and send them back.

    But since then, they have seen accusations of Biden’s bribery, watched the debate last night and realized Biden was the white part of Obama/Biden – they had it confused, don’t watch TV much. They also discovered Trump was now president – not Obama/Biden, they were confused because their landlord (who just fixes things, but doesn’t change rent) drives a 10 year-old Prius with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker.

    And most of all President Trump has convinced the Somalian government to normalize relations with the US. That involves some changes like don’t sponsor terrorism and recognize Israel (3rd Muslim country to do so under Trump’s influence). Most important to the Somalians is they may suspend capital punishment for same sex marriages, letting people be truly free.

    Now that they know there is a choice, the Somalians want to change their early voting to vote for President Trump. They did want to know if they should use their own name to vote or the dead white Maine people whose names they used before.

    President Trump cites many letters like this – all wanting to rescind their Biden vote and vote now for Trump – especially after last night’s debate.
    To simplify the process, ballots will be given to anyone who asks for one at Chick-fil-A and fills it out on the spot during the new extended voting period Nov 3 thru January 10. Free waffle fries for all voters. Wear your mask.

    • Wouldn’t it be easier, somewhat cheaper, and more convenient to offer free waffle fries to all the voters of the Electoral College (538 electors) who will meet in DC to vote “the Monday after the second Wednesday in December” or … December 14, 2020? That’s where and when the election actually goes down as you know. And yes, it’s a good idea to wear your mask, especially when trying to bribe elected officials.

  2. Biden skated our of Viet Nam same as Trump. Sorry, but your heartfelt note changes no minds. Biden is a life long swamp creature and the emails coming out now prove just how corrupt he is. Open your eyes and drain that swamp!

    • I don’t think the author is aiming to change minds rather he’s stating some viewpoints that are running concurrently with fellow servicemen and women that are presently serving. A Military Times Poll taken of active-duty troops has seen a steady drop in support for the Commander-in Chief, with 50% having an unfavorable view while 38% held a favorable view. There’s clearly an erosion of confidence within the ranks that can be sourced to an example of in-action along with subverting their own commanders in the field. Now taking poll information for what they are (margins of error 2-3 points), there’s clearly no getting around the fact that “The Donald” at this present time, is not as popular with the military as the many Republican nominees that went before him.

  3. Did you feel this way before you met Jill Biden last week ?” Before she thanked me for my service to our country,” a gesture that made you believe the Bidens understand the gravity of military service ? I doubt that. It sounds just like all the pro-military rhetoric we hear from most all politicians.If we want to preserve liberty and freedom,it is up to each citizen to remember and observe we are a nation of laws, a republic not a democracy.

  4. I don’t trust any media source. Either they use a dubious source, take something out of context, drag out up an unproven myth from years ago, truncate a statement or just plain lie. If you are making your mind up, or writing letters of opinion, based on any what is reported in any media source you are gullible or too lazy to think for yourself

  5. Staying on point with the subject matter in the editorial letter, it’s indeed well sourced feedback on someone that never really understood the military or why the men and women even choose to serve, questioning what’s the personal financial gain from it. It’s plain too that he doesn’t even grasp much of its near 250-year old history and its battles. “Now, who were the good guys in this war (WWI)?

    These revelations and the words used to describe those that did serve, come as no real surprise to those that know the real estate developer. Observance of Memorial Day is a relatively new concept for him and his calendar. But for some reason while he blows red, white and blue smoke up many a derriere, he’s called a Patriot for some reason? No doubt going forward as in the past, we will have a leader that doesn’t fear or hate to go out to Dover to personally receive the fallen. They without question recognize duty when called upon.

  6. Thank you for the thoughtful letter. As a fellow veteran I too am supporting Biden/Harris. I am saddened though by the snivelling whiners who hide behind their keyboards criticizing you anonymously while not stepping forward to serve themselves. Gary Rower, Brooks.

  7. First, your whole premise is based on the MSM perpetuating this myth. Second, Joe Biden himself is caught on tape telling service members they are “fools”.

    If you haven’t figured out yet that Biden is going to gut the military (like he and Obama did) then you have not been watching this man. A man who for 47 years has been in government and is a multi millionaire….

    Tough questions to Biden…

    —-Why do you lie about your wife killed by a drunk driver..when it was your wife who ran the stop sign?
    —Why do you lie about where you went to college?
    —Why, during your early Presidential campaigns did you get caught lying and plagiarizing speeches?
    —You have been in public office for 47 years, 4 of those years as V.P. and why haven’t you corrected anything that you talk about today?
    —How did you become a multi millionaire by only being a public servant? (have you seen his mansions)

    Do you honestly think this man is going to change now ….after 47 years? Trump has done more good in 4 years than Biden did in 47 years…

    • And a military question for Joe – Is it true you told President Obama that you “wouldn’t go” after the meeting to launch the raid to kill or capture bin Laden? In other words – were you against sending the Navy Seal team after bin Laden?

      Since we know now he was opposed to that raid, how do you even consider him as commander-in-chief and the point person for dealing with Iran and North Korea?

      The only loser in this story is the Democrat operative that cut and spliced Trump’s words to invent a quote which the President has denied many times with his words and actions. The technique is called the Big Lie and we have been seeing a lot of that lately.

      I too thank you for your service Capt. Remkes.