Brainwashed Blacks, racist white Republicans are primary enemies of Black people


We’re in the midst of a horrific pandemic and a toxic political season that seems to have uncovered old racial wounds. One problem in particular is Black people who are brainwashed into misusing facts to trick other Blacks to believe that today’s Republican Party is more favorable. I beg to differ.

Once upon a time, Black lives really mattered to white slaveholders regardless of political party. Nowadays, we Black people must absolutely align ourselves with those who clearly demonstrate that our lives, our votes and our issues matter. To do otherwise would be akin to being enslaved again.

The article written by Mr. Tyrone Jones a few weeks ago necessitated this very serious response. Young blacks need to know the real facts as they pertain to the current time much more so than the past. That is the goal of my response [below]. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight.

Political Opinions Versus Honest Facts

A recent opinion article entitled “Young Blacks need the facts” exposed how some brainwashed Black people try to cleverly brainwash other Black people for political gain. The article tries to glorify the Republican Party and demonize the Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, when it comes to looking out for the best interest of Black people, the history of both political parties is questionable. Overall, it is a well-established fact that Black people have no permanent enemies and no permanent friends; just permanent interests.

Once upon a time, racist white Democrats and Dixiecrats in particular were the primary enemy of Black people. Today, racist white Republicans and brainwashed Black Republicans are the primary enemies of Black people. Yet, our permanent interests are still a dire need for true freedom, real equality and unbiased justice.

It is also an honest fact that between 2009 and 2016, white Republicans obstructed nearly every effort by President Obama to pass reasonable legislation or to appoint people to key positions. Because of President Obama, Donald Trump emerged as the one deranged egotistical presidential candidate with the wherewithal to undo whatever good that President Obama did and deny the interests of Black people.

With such an evil person as President of the United States, it’s no wonder that we have a deadly virus that probably won’t go away until Trump goes away. Furthermore, who in their right mind really wants an incompetent and unethical bold faced liar for a president? Thus, the survival of America as we know it rests upon electing a new president this fall.

Sadly, all throughout American history, there have always been a few brainwashed Black people who blindly helped hinder the progress of our race. Nowadays many Black Republicans intentionally twist facts to make it seem that today’s Republican Party is an ally of Black people; it is not.

In my humble opinion, today’s Republican Party is the Party of Trump and racism with the underlying goal of making American great for white people again.

The honest facts are that currently there are some 55 Black Democrats serving in the U.S. Congress. On the other hand, Senator Tim Scott (Republican-SC) is the ONLY Black Republican in the Senate while Congressman Will Hurd (Republican-TX) is the ONLY Black Republican in the House; and he’s retiring this year. So, do you think Black lives really matter to the Republican Party?

In your political opinion you could ignore the facts and say yes, BLACK LIVES MATTER to the Republican Party. If so, it is my honest opinion that you are far too brainwashed to know just how much harm you are doing to yourself and the Black race which has already suffered more than enough.

John E. Jones

Fayette County, Ga.

[Jones is a past president of the Fayette County Branch NAACP.]


  1. “The honest facts are that currently there are some 55 Black Democrats serving in the U.S. Congress. On the other hand, Senator Tim Scott (Republican-SC) is the ONLY Black Republican in the Senate while Congressman Will Hurd (Republican-TX) is the ONLY Black Republican in the House; and he’s retiring this year. So, do you think Black lives really matter to the Republican Party?”

    Could it be that the majority of blacks are guided by the NAACLP (Naitonal Ass. of Colored Liberal People) and the Democratic party. If any black person so much says they are a conservative and want to vote Republican..they are tarred and feathered and called Uncle Tom…..all by their own people and white liberals. If you do not have blacks running as a conservative/Republican…how can they be expected to be elected??

    As Trump said….What do you have to loose? His recent police-reform executive order, the First Step Act, released thousands of people from jail (90 percent of whom were black). He has promoted “opportunity zones” that incentivized private investment into marginalized communities, and also increased federal funding to historically black colleges and universities by 17 percent — a total exceeding $100 million, more than any president in history. Before he did this, Black Colleges had to come begging every 4 years to Democrats for more funding (i.e. they were empowered to Democrats for getting their votes)

    • No question about it – running for national office as a black man or woman involves public kowtowing to the Democrat Party and kissing the ring of those tired old leaders – Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

      However a conservative or neutral black person voting in a national election has no need to do any of that. Even if young blacks do not vote (or even register) and many older blacks will vote Democrat out of lifelong habit, I suspect the % of blacks voting for Trump this year will be at an all time high for Republicans. I’m thinking 30%.

      That doesn’t sound significant, but it is because that will get Trump reelected – and maybe some black Republican congresspeople as well. It will also pave the way for 50% blacks voting Republican in 2024 when the aforementioned Tim Scott teams up with Nickie Hailey for the the two top spots – a new fangled southern strategy – All South Carolina.

      Also, voting for Trump this time is perfect silent revenge for any black people who have felt ignored by their Democrat overseers except for empty promises every 4 years.

      • Robert – You are quite optimistic about African American support of the President in November. He carried only 8% of the black vote in 2016. If he carries even twice that amount (much less 30%), it would be a major coup for the GOP. We’ll just have to wait and see. If blacks vote 50% for the Republican candidate in 2024, that would be an amazing gain for the GOP.

        Also, I know you predict that Michelle Obama will wrest the nomination from Biden this evening. We’ll know in a few hours.

        I will be surprised if any of these predictions materialize, but you have every right to dream! If you are right about any of these, I will certainly tip my hat to you as a prognosticator.

        • OK STF, I want your tip of the hat, so I will modify my predictions.

          No, the Michelle fantasy won’t happen, although it might have in a traditional all hands on deck in the same place convention, but the Zoom version – no way.

          I’m sticking with the 30%, although I will happily settle for 35%. Watch the chick in the red dress running for something in MD walking through Baltimore and pointing out the shortcomings of the Dem’s leadership there and elsewhere and explain to me how the black lockstep with Dems will continue.

          I assume you know all these % projections are related to actual voters, not the ones who say they may vote.

  2. Clearly, the old guard is getting very nervous. Don’t think for yourself or look at real facts! No, just remember that Orange Man Evil, his supporters are racists as are all Republicans. DON’T listen to them! Only we Democrats care, that’s why nothing has changed in two generations in major Democrat controlled cities; just think how bad it would be if we Dems were not there to keep you housed and fed in poverty. Forget about blocking Obama’s Socialist agenda, these racist Republicans have been holding you down ever since…..well, ever since we Democrats held you down!
    You did your part sir, you continue to spread the lies to maintain relavency and keep you friends in power. There is no lie like a big lie and we all know that Big Lies Matter!

  3. Why is it that a former president of the NAACP would write such jargon? All I hear lately is how Republicans do this and Democrats do that, blah blah blah. Truth is it’s never going to change unless we stop being controlled like little puppets. As a middle class American citizen I can tell you first hand the government honestly doesn’t care about any of us. This is my opinion, it’s going to be hard for some readers to understand. However my story is not based on a political party, it’s based on fact. My husband lost his job of twenty eight years back in 2008. Up to that point we had lived a nice middle class existence. We were in no way rich. When he lost his job we learned quickly that there is no help available. After his unemployment went out after six months we found ourselves looking for that helping hand you hear about. We went to Georgia Power first because we had always paid extra for the community outreach on our bill. They couldn’t help us because they only help “select applicants”, exact words I herd before the call ended. Lesson learned, now I save that money for myself Incase it’s ever needed I can help myself and not be depending on them. Next we went to the Department Of Family and Children services and told “your married, come back if you divorce”. That was a eye opener! Paid taxes all those years to be told that? Lesson learned welfare isn’t only for those on the list. Long story short the government doesn’t care about any of us! We are just pawns in a silly chess game… we are still here and we still have the same couple of choices as to political parties. Now they put us against each other, and threaten to take our jobs, raise taxes and keep us on the same hamster wheel of life. The only way to get out of this is to vote for someone who isn’t a trained career politician . Someone who might let us form our on way of living and not being told what to do or how to think. If we don’t stay united for all then we are doomed as a nation. We keep sending the same ole people to defend us. They didn’t care in 2008 and pretty sure they will never care.. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS.. only the rich and the extreme poor

    • Worried – so you didn’t receive any handouts. How terrible for you that the government didn’t bail you out when your middle class dream evaporated! It’s sort of like a reverse John Kennedy exhortation: Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you. Isn’t it interesting how being free to pursue happiness loses all of its luster when years of contentment run into the reality of hard times? Perhaps you should advocate for the universal basic income so the vicissitudes of life never affect you. I guess freedom is significantly overrated.

      Truth is stranger than fiction.

  4. Well John, I have another idea. Why don’t we just let black people, white people and all others alone and let them make up their own mind about who is the best candidate or what they think of specific issues. I am so sick and tired of the constant turmoil caused by various organizations and political parties and so-called journalists putting people into boxes or on teams that are created solely by race. We used to do this with country of origin – the Mick’s the Krauts, the Dago’s, etc. until everybody matured and decided everybody was an American, even though everybody was from somewhere else.

    Then Civil Rights, the Great Society and all that set the black community up with as Bush I so aptly described it – the soft bigotry of low expectations. Then that morphed not “All black people think alike and have the same needs.” What nonsense. I’m offended by that and I’m not even black. Imagine how a young black person feels.

    Of course out of 330 million people the best 2 we can find running for president consist of 1 that openly says black people lack diversity and the other crudely exposes how he has done more for blacks and others thru high employment. What a clown show.

    And a word on Republicans hindering Obama and Obamacare – duh! That’s what they do. You may have also noticed Democrats hindering Trump – haven’t you? Again, duh! It’s what they do.

    And I must point out, you can’t have a Trump without an Obama. As you wouldn’t have had a Regean without a Carter – nor would we have had a Carter without a Ford (and a Nixon).

    • Robert – I say we give Mr. John Jones a bit of a break here. In his tortured prose, this inarticulate missive is responding to one of the most blatantly misleading letters ever written to this site by the forever token, Tyrone Jones a few weeks ago. I agree with you that people should research and vote for candidates who reflect their own values and ideals, but you have to admit that Uncle Tyrone played very loose with the historical truth.

      • Loose with the truth – yea, I see that. Still, as the young cow from PTC says above “Big Lies Matter” and especially so in an election year where the voters who will decide this thing have the attention span of a gnat on speed. They will have no historical truth from the last 200 years or even the last 4 years. They will respond to the last Big Lie they heard – probably the one about the scandal-free Obama reign of prosperity or perhaps the last yard sign they see. Or worse they won’t vote and won’t notice that someone else did by using their name on a mail-in ballot.

        Then the question will be if Biden will vacate the office in 2021 if his election is shown to be a product of fraud. There’s a good 180 spin to contemplate.