Annual funding to Fayette Senior Services gets slight cut

Outside view of Fayette Senior Services in Fayetteville. File photo.
Outside view of Fayette Senior Services in Fayetteville. File photo.

Fayette Senior Services (FSS) is among 14 metro Atlanta organizations set to receive annual federal funding through the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

Though the $492,864 represents the local annual federal disbursement that passes through ARC, FSS CEO Nancy Meaders said the initial award amount referenced by ARC represents a small cut from previous funding, due to expected state cuts. Meaders added that the initial figure could change prior to July 1.

Meaders said the annual funding helps pay for the social services programs provided by FSS. Those include programs such as Meals on Wheels and transportation services.

Meaders noted that the formula on which the funding is based makes a correct count on the 2020 Census of significant importance.

ARC on Feb. 26 announced that it awarded more than $13 million in federal and state grant funds to organizations in metro Atlanta that provide services to older people, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

The services will help people remain independent and lead healthier lives in their homes and communities, avoiding costly institutional settings— adhering to the goals set forth by the state for all Area Agencies on Aging. These funding awards are part of ARC’s submission process of the FY21-24 Area Plan on Aging to the state, according to ARC.

“We know people want to stay in their homes and communities as they age, but that can be a challenge for many without the critical support that these funds provide,” said Becky Kurtz, managing director of ARC’s Aging and Independence Services. “The funding also serves as a foundation for our local communities to build on and channel appropriately to help people to thrive and live more independently.”

The awards were distributed for the fiscal year 2021 to 10 local governments and four regional specialty agencies. All recipients received these funds after submitting plans that demonstrated both innovative and proven approaches to meeting residents’ needs.