Homefront Families now raising funds for Fayette monument

Rendering shows front and back of proposed monument. Graphic/Submitted.
Rendering shows front and back of proposed monument. Graphic/Submitted.

The effort to raise funds to bring the Homefront Families of Military Heroes Monument to fruition is underway.

The initiative to establish a monument honoring the families of military members began in 2018, and has reached the point of securing donations for the project.

Fairy Wortham, project leader of the non-profit Homefront Families of Military Heroes organization, said the needed $45,000 in tax-deductible donations can come from individuals, companies and organizations.

“No one has ever done anything like this, to honor the wives and families of all wars,” Wortham said when the idea was first presented, noting that the effort is about faith, family and freedom. “The families at home suffer quietly.”

Wortham said the monument will provide a way for Fayette County residents, and those moving to Fayette in the future, to honor the families who are left behind at home when a military family member is called into action to fight a war.

“We are seeking donations for the community’s monument. Everyone has someone in their family that has served this great nation, past or present. This is an exceptional opportunity to honor your family,” said Wortham.

Fayetteville Mayor Ed Johnson in a November 2019 letter gave his support to the effort to secure funding for the Homefront Families of Military Heroes Monument.

Johnson noted that monument can not be purchased or installed without funding from private donations.

Those wishing to help with the funding for the project are asked to visit www.homefrontfamilies.org and click on the donation section on the homepage.


  1. This unfortunately seems like something to line the pockets of the person who presented the monument. It seems to be her company doing the monument. Isn’t that a conflict of interest financially? My $ will go to tried and true Veterans Organizations.