Gov. Kemp and our new senator: Money talks


Governor Kemp has been in office for a year and I personally have not seen him do anything special for Georgia citizens.

Today I read that he’s appointing Kelly Loeffler to succeed Senator Isakson. Who is Ms. Loeffler anyway, and what good has she done for our country? As far as I can see she’s another rich donor who gets special attention because of the money she throws at politicians.

What’s wrong with picking a former military person who served this country with honor, or a serving Georgia Congressman who is distinguishing himself for his support of our President and our state.

Money talks! That’s the way it is and the way it always will be.

Tony DiStephano

Tyrone, Ga.


  1. You all are missing something here. The idea that Kemp is trying to boost the women’s vote by placing a woman in the US Senate is partially correct. But he’s not doing it for Trump or even the Republican Party – he’s doing it for himself and his own upcoming re-election bid, which is sorely in need of support from women and blacks.

    First of all, a political novice, who happens to be a woman is not going to easily prevail in Nov. 2020. She will be the most junior Senator and with 10 months as an incumbent, highly unlikely to have any accomplishments to tout. The Dems will certainly nominate a black woman – Stacy Abrams or Lucy McBath and that will be your next Senator for 6 long years. Secondly, you can view Kemp’s self-serving action as impeachable. A bribe. A quid pro quo. That’s right – giving something of value (a Senator) and expecting something in return (Georgia women’s votes). That is something that some lefty funded lawyer is probably researching right now, silly as that may be.

    Kemp would have been better served by naming Sonny Perdue US Senator, then in 2020 there would be 2 Perdue’s running for Senator and it would confuse the opposition.

    • I said that in my first sentence, duh.

      To be clear, you think Republican voters will vote for a Democrat? They’d rather stick an ice pick through their eye than vote for a Democrat. Unless she starts voting against Trump wishes, she will have nothing to worry about in her re-election. If she has a Primary challenger, it won’t be any big name. She’ll tout her voting record and the Repubs will be happy. Yes, she’ll face a strong Democrat candidate but if the Republicans and Trumptards show out to vote – which they will during a Presidential election, they sure as hell are not going to vote for the Democrat. It’ll be close, but Trumptards sadly are in the majority in this state and she will prevail.

      • To be sure the serious full-time Republicans showing up for Trump in 2020 will vote for Loeffler. But her ability to turn out additional suburban women who will vote Republican will be minuscule.

        Her opponent whether it be Stacy or Lucy would be an experienced black woman who can turn out black men and women some of whom may have voted Republican in the past but sat out 2018 and even 2016. They are the middle or the undecided in the polls and there are lots of them.

        This is a statewide election coming up and the last one we had last year Kemp squeaked by Abrams with 50,000 votes. Rest assured Abrams voter fraud scenario (silly as it is) will be used to turn out and energize the black vote. This gets even worse if the Dems can play up the Trump impeachment thing with a whiff of racist mudslinging thrown in.

        I do believe Trump will win and win big nationally, but in Georgia it will be close and his coattails are not long enough for Kelly. I am certain there will be a significant number of Trump voters in Georgia who will not vote for Kelly. Hard right and hard left won’t deviate but moderates and independents might.

  2. Mrs.Loeffler’s political contributions certainly didn’t hurt her chances, but the biggest reason that she was chosen is Gov. Kemp’s concern for re-election. This pick is an attempt to sway the suburban woman vote. His campaign has identified that Kemp nor Trump did well with that segment of the population. I must disclaim that I don’t care for Kemp, especially with his more controversial stances, but I will give him credit for a number of things. He and his team are great strategists. He’s also been upfront with how Georgia government money is spent. You know, you do want to hear what’s going on with our state government, but in general a quiet, boring government is a government that gets things done. If you are Republican, you should be very happy with how he’s leading this state. Again, I don’t care for a number of his conservative stances, but when the time comes for his re-election I will strongly consider him. No politician is without fault and it’s about time that people realize this. You need to look at the overall picture. As long as they aren’t breaking laws, and are doing the work you agree with (most of the time) – there’s nothing really to complain about.
    Now, to address Trump and Doug Collins. I cringe when I hear people expressing that every person in a political party MUST agree with the President. That is truly asinine. I’ve got news for ya, Trump is not the Messiah. Kemp stood up to him and I say “More power to him!” Trump is a scourge on this society. Kemp is thinking long-term in not hitching his wagon to Trump. It will help him politically in the long run. Even if Trump wins next November, he’s not going to magically do a big turn-around and be a likeable President. His enormous ego will always get in the way. I believe that Kemp has other aspirations beyond Governor and it will do him well to not appear as a Trump lackey. Which brings me to Doug Collins. What an absolute embarrassment to the state of Georgia. I have no respect for someone that is licking someone’s boots and sniffing his jock-strap. His lips are truly orange. He sure as hell does not deserve to be a Senator and if Kemp had chosen him, he would be seen bowing to Trump’s command. Brian Kemp has more sense than that. He’s his own man. I mean, Senator Perdue’s political stances aren’t something I care for, but he carries himself with some manner of respect.
    In closing, Kemp did the right thing in this situation and you have nothing to complain about. You’re getting a conservative woman in a position that, she says, will support Trump. You’ve heard her words, I have no doubt she’ll represent the Republicans well.

    • I think that your moniker would be more on point if you just said what you mean…Living Amongst the Proletariat.

      Its as if the never-Trumpers actually expect us to believe that DJT is the one who started the fire when we all know that he is in fact like the explosive device needed to blow out an oil rig fire. Once the oil field is extinguished and back in production we will all gladly see the hero go home, but only the truely stupid believe that you can extinguish an inferno with a jewel encrusted garden hose.

      We didn’t start the fire but us ‘morons’ are smart enough to not drive out a fireman who is saving our house because we don’t like is language!

      • Smart? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Gullible is more like it. I never once said that DC was without corruption, but you can be damn sure know that your orange Daddy is corrupting it further, in a different way. And yes… my moniker fits you fools to a T.