State suspends Fayette counselor’s license over sex with client


Charles Joseph Popov, a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Fayette County, had his license suspended on Sept. 28 by a state board.

Per the order by the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Popov agreed that his license would be indefinitely suspended as of Sept. 28.

Popov had an established practice, with locations in Fayette County listed in both Fayetteville and Peachtree City.

According to the Sept. 28 Public Consent Order, “On or about Dec. 2, 2015, (Popov) met with a minor child and (the) mother for initial assessments for counseling services, and (Popov) began providing individual therapy to both (the woman and her child), with the (mother’s) sessions concentrating on marriage counseling. Therapy continued for (the mother) until or about August 2016.

“While (Popov) was providing therapy to (the woman), the therapeutic relationship developed into a friendship, and then into a romantic and sexual relationship. This relationship continued until in or about April of 2017,” the consent order said.

The state board concluded that Popov’s conduct constituted sufficient grounds to impose sanctions on his license to practice as a licensed counselor in Georgia. Popov’s license was indefinitely suspended.

The order provided for Popov to be able to petition for the lifting of the suspension and the restoration of his license if a set of requirements is successfully met.


  1. Good news! Chuck Popov’s GA therapy license is no longer suspended (license is in “probation” status) and his Peachtree City office is open for business.

    Men of PTC should encourage their wives and daughters to book an appointment with Charles Popov. What’s the worst that could happen?

  2. PTCitizen writes, “He abused a trusted position of power in order to achieve sexual gratification. That’s indistinguishable from rape in every way except the appearance of consent.”

    I suppose it would be much different if his position of power was running a beauty contest and he only grabbed her genitals. That would make him the paragon of virtue and the favored presidential candidate of all the conservative Christians.

    You really can’t make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  3. Uh, the “gossip website” that reveals the woman’s identity is the GA Sec of State website that published the court order mentioned in this article.

    This woman put her own selfish motives ahead that of her own child, yet she is trusted to teach dozens of Fayette County school children each day.

    And, L.a.M., while you seem to shrug your shoulders at a therapist having sex with a client, that is a big ethical no-no in his profession. A boy goes to Popov for help and Popov decides to have a divorce-inducing affair with the boy’s mom. Now that boy’s world is really upside down. Sure, slap his wrist for 90 days and have them go back to counseling other families. Makes perfect sense.

    • Really? Because if you had looked at the court order, the person’s initials are the only identifying mark – not the full name and there’s a reason for that. This JoanieF, below, initially posted her name – hence the reason for my comment.
      Beyond all that, my comments stand. You people around here think you’re really something special. Close to half are screwing around with someone other than their spouse and the other half are using and providing drugs to their kids. And then you – with skeletons in your own closet, think you’re the morality King.

  4. How terrible. A married woman and a trusted counselor put their selfish motives ahead of that of the poor boy who went to counseling in the first place. Hope that young man is okay. And, yikes! I found the legal order on the GA Secretary of State Counselors Licensure Search website — this man can apply for reinstatement in 3 months. REALLY? How is he able to possibly practice again in such a short time? Suspend him for life. Despicable.

    • First of all, we don’t know the whole story. No need to jump to conclusions. Suspend him for life because he had consensual sex? Yeah, not cool to have relations with a client but suspend his license for life – nah. Further, it’s real classy to publish her name. Let’s put a scarlet letter on her and parade her through the various villages of PTC. I’m sure your “multiple reports” were gossip sites and nothing more.

      • He abused a trusted position of power in order to achieve sexual gratification. That’s indistinguishable from rape in every way except the appearance of consent. So yes, you suspend his license for life so that he never has this opportunity again.

        Reality isn’t a Lifetime TV Drama. This guy destroyed a family. There are consequences for that kind of thing.