School bus driver drops boy, 5, at wrong stop


A 5-year-old dropped off at the wrong bus stop last month and the action of the bus driver resulted in the Fayette County School System saying the bus driver was at fault and action would be taken.

The incident occurred when the mother of a kindergarten student at Spring Hill Elementary School said her son did not get off at his stop after his first day of taking the bus, school system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach confirmed.

The mother reported that the bus driver confirmed that her son was not on the bus, but the driver seemed unaffected and would not let the mother on the bus to check for herself.

A parent at another bus stop spotted the young student and contacted the school, with the mom subsequently retrieving her son.

“The bus driver was at fault and this should have never happened,” said Berry-Dreisbach. “We are in the process of taking appropriate action so that this situation does not happen again in the future. The safety of our bus riders is our transportation department’s top priority.”


  1. For insurance reasons bus companies do not allow none students or none school workers on the bus. There are up to 11 rows of seats on a bus, and up to 66 passengers. If that parent some how got hurt on that bus or hurt a student the bus company would be liable for the incident.

    This school district is in the wrong blaming this bus driver. This parent should have asked the driver to stay parked while she walks the outside of the bus looking in the windows. She also could have given the bus driver the child’s name so he could have gotten the students attention and called out the name.