Who’s more qualified to make medical decision than the woman herself?


Representative Josh Bonner recently posted an editorial about HB481, the Georgia anti-abortion bill he co-sponsored in the 2019 session. In his editorial he likened this bill and his role on abortion to that of a firefighter approaching a burning building hoping to save 99 of the 100 people in the building.

Here is a more apt analogy, one that more accurately depicts Mr. Bonner’s role in the abortion issue:

Imagine Josh Bonner running at top speed toward a quiet office building in which 100 women are in private conversations with their doctors.

Josh breathlessly knocks on every one of the 100 doors and announces he is an expert in commercial real estate and he’s here to save innocent lives.

Each of the 100 women tells him, ‘No thank you, I’m already in conversation with my doctor.’

Josh replies, ‘But I’m a politician! You need me to help you make the right decisions!’ to which each of the 100 women replies, ‘No, Josh, I will make my own decisions, in private, with the help of my doctor. I don’t need your help.’

Let’s maintain a clear understanding of who is, and who is not, qualified to make medical decisions on behalf of women in Georgia.

Kim Learnard

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Learnard is a former member of the Peachtree City Council.]


    • And Don Haddix was censured in, what was it, 2013? He also only received 5% of total votes in his re-election bid – obviously as the incumbent. If that isn’t a mandate, I don’t know what is.

  1. I agree Kim. Government has no role in this.

    This is a private issue between (future and possible) mother and her doctor. And maybe her spiritual counselor.

    Josh has no place in the scenario as a male and certainly not as a politician. “I’m from the government and here to help you” – no thanks. Not with abortion.

    I don’t personally think abortion is morally right, so I won’t have one, but enlisting the power of government to support my view or to oppose it is not right. You should be able to whatever you want as long as you don’t harm me or someone else. I should be able to do what I want which may include speaking against abortion but not to tell you you don’t have the right to have one. And I don’t think I have the right to encourage the federal government to force my beliefs on you or anyone else.

    Isn’t that clear? Doesn’t that seem fair?

    Back off Josh.

      • No Lauri not someone, a fetus is some thing. Get with the Newspeak. Our Democrat lawmakers have decreed that abortion is the law of the land and that abortions to remove the tissue that some call a fetus (but never a baby) can be conducted up to and even during birth. That’s Virginia that feels that way, maybe other states do as well.

        Of course our very own Republican Governor and legislature has gone with the “heartbeat” law that outlaws abortion after a heartbeat. Both of these wildly inappropriate laws were written by elected government officials and will be challenged in court by other government elected or appointed officials – aka judges.

        Something this will clearly go to the Supreme Court where approximately half will vote yes and half will vote no on one or both of these laws in 4 or 5 years and we will be no closer to having an idea of what is right or wrong than we do now. So expecting government to make some final decision that pleases everyone is foolish.

        Better to just keep this issue out of the government’s hands. All they can do is confuse people and spend money. Just tell Josh no thanks. You only have 40 days a year so go back to deciding stuff like when the bars can open on Sunday or do pickup trucks require seat belts. We will look to our churches and within our souls to determine our moral standards.

        Josh ole buddy, you have got to understand that not everyone in the state or county or congressional district is required to have the same moral outlook as you or everyone else does no matter how much you want to control that.

        And all of that diatribe is from a guy who is firmly opposed to abortion.

  2. Now Ms. Learnard – How could you ever question Josh and his cronies? He is toiling ceaselessly with the orange man to make America great again = when all women were barefooted and pregnant. Now stay in your kitchen and never question the all-knowing white man.