Pinewood Forest grows retail roster with bakery, beauty bar


Pinewood Forest on Aug. 13 announced two more upcoming businesses that will populate the retail landscape at the large mixed-use development on Veterans Parkway in Fayetteville. Both are expected to open in August 2020.

One of the new businesses, yet to be named, is a new bakery producing custom cakes, specialty breads and contemporary desserts inspired by cross-generational favorites (along the line of honey buns and toaster pastries) will join the collection of retailers coming to the Town Center of the purpose-built community adjacent to Georgia’s largest movie studio. The soon-to-be-named bakery and cafe concept developed by sisters Shellane Brown and Erica Houston-Pickett and their mother Veronica Pickett will follow the family’s success with Apple-Butter Bakery and Custom Cake Shoppe in Stone Mountain, PInewood Forest said.

The Pinewood Forest purveyors of baked goods and custom cakes, expected to open in August 2020, will be located in the heart of Town Center within a short walking distance of community residents and workers at the adjacent Pinewood Atlanta Studios facilities. This sweet-natured tenant will occupy 1,117 square feet of street-level retail space amidst other boutiques, restaurants, galleries and residences. The bakery and cafe is expected to serve lunch including sandwiches on homemade breads and artisan beverages by Shellane’s husband Daniel Brown, founder of Gilly Brew Bar. Custom cakes and wedding cakes will be star attractions, in addition to an array of creative desserts, according to Pinewood Forest.

Items from the family’s current location expected to be featured at the new Pinewood Forest concept include their renowned chocolate-chip cookies, red velvet brownies; and “Stone Mountain” pies, a family recipe named for their hometown. Stone Mountain pies are a decadent creme-filled dessert topped with butter-roasted coconut, pecans and caramel. There will also be a variety of new items for people with dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, keto/paleo/sugar-free).

Shellane Brown trained at bakeries in San Francisco before she and her family started an incubator market in Inman Park in 2010. Operating for six years in Stone Mountain, she and her family have become most noted for custom and wedding cakes.

“This family-owned business will be a perfect addition to our community and will serve a niche for Fayetteville and surrounding communities as well. This family of talented women, with strong roots in culinary craft and musical traditions, will be right at home in our creative community,” said Pinewood Forest President Rob Parker. “Their success here in Georgia bodes well for their bakery’s popularity here on the southside.”

Bakery co-owner Shellane Brown noted the slice of life she looks to carve out with the new concept: “As students of new urbanism and followers of architect Lew Oliver’s work, we’ve had our eye on Pinewood Forest since we first heard about it, so this is a dream come true. We’re planning a menu to be truly tailored for this community. Pinewood Forest is a masterfully curated development, and we want our bakery to reflect the thought and passion it took to create such a space and produce good food for the creatives who have decided to do life there.”

Pinewood Forest on Aug. 13 also announced that Native Beauty Bar, a boutique offering beauty and skincare services and products, will open in August 2020 in the Town Center area. The company is owned by Pinewood Forest resident Bianca Ramos and will occupy a jewel box suite of street-level retail space adjacent to Braise, the casual fine dining concept from James Beard grant winning chef Tanya Jimenez announced last year.

The environmentally conscious boutique will offer eyebrow threading, makeup classes and sessions and bridal beauty services. Alongside vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty and skincare products, the shop will also carry luxe home goods, trendy clothing and jewelry pieces.

“This resident-owned business is a perfect addition to our community,” said Parker. “We value creativity and the natural environment, and we believe Native Beauty Bar will thrive in our community.”

Ramos has worked in the beauty industry for 13 years and founded Native Beauty Bar, currently based in Peachtree City, after graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

“As a Pinewood Forest resident, it feels natural to move my business here. Pinewood offers the ideal location for small business owners to make their dreams reality, and we look forward to the growth of our community,” said Ramos.

Other culinary offerings announced for Pinewood Forest’s exceptional food lineup including Pancake Social’s cafe + coffee house, Honeysuckle Gelato, Hop City, Barleygarden and Braise.


  1. Right on, STD. Thinking beyond the moment is a very good policy and should be a requirement for our local (and national) elected leaders. With that in mind I believe a cost vs. benefit analysis on the tax breaks and infrastructure cost vs. economic and tax collection benefit should be done about 5 years in when the initial movie-making excitement has waned a little.

    Having viable tax-paying businesses and rental housing that stays occupied would be 2 good signs.

    Any suggestion that the county commissioners who approved the road to nowhere or those that held up the second and third phase are in any way responsible for the Pinewood success is ludicrous. They could have and would have built that first 1/4 mile of road they actually use out of the first phase construction budget.

    Millennial heaven has been created on a small scale. Let’s see how it goes. See you in 5 years.

    • Bobby – I share your concerns about the long-term viability of Fayetteville’s movie studio because the mental midgets in the Georgia Legislature seem intent upon driving away the same Hollywood clients they forfeited so much money to woo. Why entice a customer with cash and then repel him with social regression?

      The Hollywood types are culpable as well. A five minute google search would have verified that Georgia politicians and sagacity are mutually exclusive. Our lawmakers believe progressive means turning the calendar from 1954 to 1955.

      At any rate, the gods may be on Fayetteville’s side by enticing the chicken billionaire into affair. Even the Lilliputians in the legislature dare not displease Gulliver lest he respond with a backlash far worse than merely urinating on the castle.

      In the meantime, Fayetteville has gained a community with million dollar homes and the tax base that accompanies it from “nowhere.”

      Like you, I will have to wait and see if it will endure.

  2. So Pinewood Forest continues to expand and excel. The local tea baggers and county commissioners railed ceaselessly about Veterans Parkway constituting the “Road to Nowhere,” ousting sitting commissioners for supporting this thoroughfare. How deafening the silence from these shortsighted conservatives now! There will likewise come a day that these right-wingers will rue their support of our narcissistic president and his harm to the nation’s civility, honor, respectability, and world standing. Please think beyond the moment.