‘1st in the world’ equipment chooses ‘best’ water to treat


The Fayette County Water System on March 11 announced that a new type of reservoir management technology developed by IXOM Watercare that monitors water quality has been installed at Lake McIntosh.

Water system Director Lee Pope said the IXOM Intake Water Selector system (WaterSelector) integrates components with dedicated purposes of monitoring reservoir water quality.

“This WaterSelector installation is the first in the world and will mean real savings in terms of chemical usage, extended plant life and less complexity to treating the water,” said Pope.

Pope said the WaterSelector technology was recently installed at Lake McIntosh in Peachtree City and will enable water system operators to access the best water from the reservoir for treatment at the water plant continuously day and night.

WaterSelector uses real time sensor technology and takes varied samples from different depths in the reservoir and selects the best water at that time, Pope explained. This method isolates general pool water from preferred water and the best water is then pumped into the water treatment plant to be treated and then distributed to water system customers.

Pope said operators will know exactly what water they are getting since this advanced technology provides them with accurate and real time analysis of the water composition and brings the best water in from whatever depth it is found by the WaterSelector.

“This is a significant process improvement and the primary benefit is better water quality and improvement of treatability of our raw water that is pulled into the treatment process,” said Fayette County Manager Steve Rapson.