Real Life Center receives $2,000 grant from Coweta Community Foundation


The Real Life Center has been the recipient of a generous $2,000 grant from the Coweta Community Foundation. This grant will be used specifically for client assistance for rent and utilities.

This type of assistance allows the Real Life Center to offer hope to those who encounter unexpected life changes and may lose their homes or have their heat turned off during this cold season due to the financial inability to pay a utility bill or a rent payment.

A publicly supported 501(c)3 organization, The Coweta Community Foundation exists to help focus local philanthropy on our community’s changing needs. The Real Life Center walks along families in both Fayette and Coweta County who are experiencing job loss, a health issue, death, divorce or other difficult life issues.

They work to meet initial needs and have programs, including food, clothing, and educational classes, in place to be a catalyst for needed change with the end goal of reaching financial stability.