Local club scores big in GRPA tourney


One of the fastest-growing sports in America is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in Fayette County.

With an active club that boasts nearly 100 members and even more individuals outside of the club embracing the sport, you can easily find pickleball being played most any day, morning or night, on public and private tennis courts throughout the county. And even though it is touted as a game that baby boomers have embraced, the sport has begun to broaden its base to younger adults and even being taught to our youth as part of the P.E. curriculum in select schools.

The states’ recreation agencies have begun to recognize pickleball as a major contender amongst competitive sports. The GRPA (Georgia Recreation & Parks Association) recently held its first statewide pickleball tournament hosted by the Spalding County Leisure Services at the Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park
Fayette County participated as part of District 4, which received 19 medals: 8 state champs and 11 first runner-ups.

The following are Fayette County participants who received medals in the tournament:

Bambi Emmet & Elizabeth Williams – SILVER
Linda Edwards & Lyn Meyers – GOLD
Carol Bowman & Sharon Conrad – GOLD
Barry Addison & Tony Brischler – SILVER
Kevin Lenze & Kim Vining – GOLD
Sharon Conrad & Kim Vining – GOLD

To learn more about the PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club, visit www.ptcpickleballclub.com or its Facebook page.