The danger of ‘guilty until proven innocent’


I have been taught (and I am sure you have too) that the American system of justice is rooted in the principle that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. The key word is “proven.”

Innocence or guilt is not to be based on emotions or personal biases but on evidence and facts. The Senate confirmation hearings on Judge Kavanaugh have adversely affected our system of justice. The result thus far is a horrifying upending of “due process” fueled by “political gamesmanship” on the part of the minority party in the U.S. Senate.

Most of them boast of having law degrees. Really? If so, they should know better than to presume guilt without the indisputable evidence and facts. What are we teaching our children?

Here is a case in point:

I recall during my tenure as a school administrator, a male student could have been and would have been charged with aggravated sexual assault on a female student were it not for my review of the camera footage in the zone where the alleged incident occurred. The truth was revealed because the video presented undeniable evidence and facts that negated the female’s student sworn statement.

Dangerous stuff, people! No one deserves to be treated this way. I am not saying that something did not happen to Dr. Ford at age 15, but I am saying that politicians have no right to be playing judge and jury with any American citizen’s constitutional right to “due process.”

In America, you are not required to be proven innocent. This right should never be reversed because it’s politically convenient to do so. Such conduct is totally unacceptable and totally unAmerican. Our civil liberties are at stake, America.

Tyrone K. Jones Sr., chairman
Fayette County Republican Party
Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. I am with you, rmoc. As a mother and grandmother of boys I, too, am offended and also scared. As should be anyone in this country with a son/brother/father. Because, now, apparently, one can go back 35 years and make accusations and the man charged is presumed guilty from the start. The whole thing is pretty scary.

  2. How silly! This was a job interview, not a court of law. There is no assumption of innocence in a job interview. Both parties have attempted to outdo each other in acting shamefully in the last two Supreme Court nominations.

    Besides, with the sitting President and Justice Thomas, we’ve already seen that sexual predation is widely tolerated by the conservative electorate. Perhaps the new Republican slogan should be “Boys will be boys,” and the new Democratic one should be “I’m deeply offended by (fill in the blank) this week.”

    • I think the entire investigation was a joke, none of the allegations were validated. Senator Feinstein should be ashamed of herself for putting this out there when they had plenty of time in July to investigate. I do believe that Ford was assaulted years ago but she was not believable on the facts. What is more important is what Brent Kavanaugh did in last 20 years. Funny thing is this is the party that wants to forgive felons..haha..As a mother of two boys I am offended.