Here’s to the scrappy PTC team that has won our hearts

Cal Beverly

The players, coaches, parents and supporters of the Peachtree City American Little League team Sunday afternoon cheered on to victory the team that beat them twice in the 2018 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Penn.

Classic good sportsmanship. Our boys played their hearts out, were gracious in both victory and defeat, and in the process won our hearts.

Hawaii went on to defeat a good South Korea team and become officially the best in the world. But we back home may be forgiven for the unabashed pride we feel for our Georgia, our Peachtree City boys — winners all.

Check our special section beginning on Page B1 in this issue congratulating Peachtree City American and all who are associated with it.

This team has made its mark, and not just because of their evident athletic talent. They were our ambassadors to the world, and they represented us with excellence and integrity.

The City Council could have spent the entire city budget on national ads promoting Peachtree City and they would not have had the powerfully positive impact of this one Little League team, its coaches, parents and supporters.

This group defines heart, sportsmanship, team effort, grace under pressure. And fun. Yes, these kids and the adults with them made us smile every time we saw them on TV, online, in newscasts.

And the Little League World Series was itself a winner for having had this team play on that diamond set in America’s heart.

They may have lost three games, two of them to the world’s best Little League team, but Peachtree City American comes home a winner in the game of life.

We appreciate you, guys. We appreciate you, coaches and parents and supporters.

In the very highest sense of that old Southern phrase, “You done us proud!”