Snake Island to be transformed into Spyglass Island — with a cart bridge, lighted sign

Snake Island to be transformed into Spyglass Island — with a cart bridge, lighted sign

Bridge will include 62-ft. backlit sign denoting ‘Lake Peachtree’

The Peachtree City Council on April 19 got an update on the multi-use path bridges over the new Lake Peachtree spillway and one connecting to nearby Spyglass Island.

Above, members of the Peachtree City Council at the April 19 meeting included, from left, Councilman Mike King, Mayor Vanessa Fleisch and councilmen Terry Ernst, Kevin Madden and Phil Prebor. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Work on the Lake Peachtree spillway project is proceeding and expected to be complete this summer. Along with the new spillway will come a multi-use bridge designed to accommodate pedestrians and golf carts.

Providing an update on the project, City Manager Jon Rorie said the spillway bridge will be 161 feet in length and will include a 62-foot, backlit sign denoting “Lake Peachtree.” The bridge is currently being constructed off-site.

The bridge will feature entry columns on either side set on a stone base.

Landscaping will occur both on the spillway side of Kelly Drive and across the roadway adjacent to the community garden.

A SPLOST (special purpose local option sales tax) project budgeted at $800,000, Rorie said the bridge and landscaping will likely be under-budget at $771,373.

The new bridge to Spyglass Island, formerly known as Snake Island, on the east side of Lake Peachtree is expected to be completed in the coming months.

The bridge project will accommodate golf carts and includes the installation of a walking path on the island and landscaping and parking along the shoreline.

Rorie said the project will include the use of a flex-pave material to create a walking path on a portion of the island that will meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

The landscaped entry area will control parking, Rorie said, noting that parking will be available on the island and on Battery Way.

Also a SPLOST project, the Spyglass Island bridge was budgeted at $200,000, with Rorie expecting the completed project cost to total $130,000-160,000.