What’s the safest city in GA? Peachtree City 1, Newnan 7


Peachtree City ranks in top 5% nationwide

A report by safehome.org on the state’s larger cities has Peachtree City listed as the safest city in Georgia and in the Top 5th percentile in the United States. Newnan in the survey came in at No. 7.

The survey was based on cities with a population of at least 30,000.

“The safest city (in Georgia) is Peachtree city, a suburb to the south of Atlanta. As with most other cities that have the highest safety ratings in their state, Peachtree City residents have a high median income of $96,880 for a family. The headquarters of a few major global brands are located here as well, meaning jobs are plentiful,” according to safehome.org

Receiving a score of 90.36, Peachtree City topped the list in the survey. Peachtree City also ranked in the Top 5th percentile of cities with a population of 30,000 or more across the U.S.

Also making the Top 10 and coming in at No. 7 was Newnan, with a score of 79.07. The survey looked at the number of violent crime and property crimes compared with population.