Fayette school survey: Give our kids courses in film, computers, engineering


Survey responses by more than 2,000 Fayette County students and more than 850 parents showed that Film and Creative Arts and Computer/Information Technology survey areas carry significant interest to students and parents.

The survey, released in mid-December by the Fayette County School System, had 2,163 respondents in grades 8-12 and 869 parent respondents. The school system will use the survey results to determine if additional course offerings should be added to the career pathways.

Students taking the survey showed a strong interest in Computer/Information Technology and Film and Creative Arts career pathways. Computer-Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Architecture are part of the overall engineering category.

Approximately 23 percent of students taking the survey indicated an interest in the two categories.

Parents responding to the survey said the Engineering and Film and Creative Arts categories, both by a wide margin, would be of the greatest interest to their child.