Local charity provides Peachtree City mom with transportation

Local charity provides Peachtree City mom with transportation

The only way to make a difference is to be the difference. That was the case for Peachtree City nonprofit HNL (Hole Nother Level) that recently obtained a golf cart for a Peachtree City mother of two children who had no transportation.

Above, supporters of the nonprofit Hole Nother Level (HNL) helped raise funds to obtain a golf cart for a local mom who had no transportation. Photo/Submitted.

HNL spokesman Joshua Shelton said the group learned of the woman’s need in November when Fayette County school counselors were collecting information for the Angel Tree Program.

“We learned about a working mother who not only walks to work, but to the grocery store and to medical appointments as well,” said HNL board member Leslie Terek. “When we saw what an impact reliable transportation could make, we decided to take on the challenge of getting the family a golf cart. Reliable transportation can make a huge difference in a family’s life, we’re excited to help.”

Shelton said the proceeds were collected online and in-person over the course of about two weeks.

“This was HNL’s first official project since becoming a nonprofit organization this year. In the past, HNL has helped people pay heating bills or collected hygiene products for homeless women but not anything this ambitious,” said Shelton.

HNL made the golf cart delivery on Nov. 28. Golf Rider in Peachtree City played a big role in helping the group identify and purchase the vehicle.

“We could not have done it without Golf Rider’s help, they were so great to us,” Terek said.

The all-volunteer HNL has been serving those in need since 2009. Not your average nonprofit, HNL seeks out opportunities to help where it can make a substantive difference.

“We meet needs of all kinds for all kinds of people. We’ve served groups of sick children and individuals in need of work boots. There have been clothing drives for coats and hats and fence repair parties,” Shelton noted. “Small projects like collecting feminine hygiene products for homeless women to big ideas like The Dignity Store where kids shop for needed items at a free store inside their school, HNL can scale the project to meet the task.”

HNL incorporated and obtained IRS tax exempt status in 2017.

HNL currently has 30-40 volunteers. Those wishing to volunteer or to learn more about HNL can find the organization on Facebook at HNL, Inc.