Satisfied customer: PTC Post Office does good job

I was surprised to read that the Peachtree City Post Office had come under negative scrutiny recently. Since I rarely do business at the office location, my sample size there is small but I don’t recall ever leaving frustrated.

As for delivery of mail, our family does receive a significant amount of packages from online businesses and the delivery is typically top notch. The carriers bring the boxes to my door and they handle the boxes with care and have never caused damage. I sometimes meet the carriers at the street or at the door and they are always pleasent and respectful. Delivery times are generally consistent.

I’m sure that there is room to improve as there is room for improvement in every endeavor, but we should recognize the good while we strive for the better.

The team at the PTC Post Office regularly move hundreds of thousands of letters and parcels annually and from my perspective do a great job.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.