Explanations needed on animal shelter rules


I learned today that the Fayette County Commission on Sept. 15 voted unanimously to install a sewer gravity line at the Animal Shelter.

The beneficiary will be the Peachtree City and Water and Sewerage Authority System to the tune of $130,000. Not an insignificant sum.

The commission provided no reason, cost savings, need or value to our community in their decisions. A bit more specifics and disclosure from our Fayette County Commission seems in order.

Secondly, the adoption fees will triple, from $20 to $60 for cats, and $30 to $120 for dogs. The article (The Citizen, 9/20-21) stated that “comments from the public noted that the increase was reasonable.”

There was no reference as the demographics or identity of the “public” referenced. A vague and unidentifiable constituency that seems only to serve the needs of the political machine. No one asked me or any of my friends, neighbors or work colleagues.

The justification for the increase in adoption costs was that the Animal Shelter provided animals with vaccination services that would cost the same, or even more, than a vet would charge. Fair enough.

But, we all know that the Fayette Animal Shelter policies have been under debate for the last few months. The latest decision, to my knowledge, is any animal in residence over 30 days meets an unhappy end.

Now, the twist. After reading today’s article in The Citizen, I phoned the Fayette Animal Shelter for a bit more clarification. I was told that all animals admitted receive full vaccinations (with the exception of rabies).

I then inquired about the “kill” rate of these poor animals and the cost to us to vaccinate pets destined for the needle. She replied, “Yes, unfortunately, that happens.”

What is wrong with this picture: $130,000 for a sewer line, medical care for animals to be put to death and raising the adoption rate?

How about remaining on a septic tank, concentrating on adoptions and assisting in medical care for animals that will actually survive?

Joan Ryan
Fayetteville, Ga.