Thousands still without power in Fayette, Coweta

Coweta-Fayette EMC map of power outages involving its service area. Graphic/Coweta-Fayette EMC website.

More than 21,600 electrical service customers of Coweta-Fayette EMC and Georgia Power Co. were without power Tuesday morning, according to the websites of both utilities.

Readers this morning are reporting widespread outages continue in Fayetteville and Brooks as well as sporadic outages in other areas of Fayette and Coweta.

Georgia Power Co. is reporting Tuesday morning that 3,801 of its 14,046 customers in Fayette and 2,280 out of 11,993 customers in Coweta are without power.

Coweta-Fayette EMC reports as of 7:45 a.m. that 9,184 of its 37,364 Fayette customers are without power, and 6,376 of its 39,095 Coweta customers are in the dark.

Here are the links to power outage interactive maps for both utilities:

Here’s a sampling of individual posts reporting power outages on The Citizen Facebook page: 

Tricia Agosti Rzepkowski Fayetteville off Brooks Wolsey (Acton Dr) no power @ 6:30am

Big tree across our driveway


Cathi Snyder Flanagan Fayetteville Jeff Davis, just before the turn to South Jeff, still no power since yesterday afternoon.

Angie Brewer Brigman Brooks area is still out

Cassie Tyler Woolsey, near Chevron, no power since 2:30pm yesterday. Freezer defrosted.

Sheila Jayne No power; Davis Rd off Lester Rd.

Holly Line North Fayette off of Kenwood rd still out since 2pm yesterday.

Kelley Bobbitt Adams Road is still out. Ours has been out since around 2 yesterday afternoon.

Tom Rush 205 Avon Dr Fayetteville

Merri Rowell Olson Jenkins Rd still out since 2:30 yesterday

Latasha Hill Randle Hood Ave is still without power. Went out Monday around 2pm.

Valerie Gray Beauregard area no power since 12:30 pm Monday

Gloria Kindle-parrish No power at Bethsaidia Woods South off of Kenwood Rd since noon yesterday

Michelle Hampton Moreno No power since 3pm yesterday. Highway 85 1 mile west of 16 in Senoia

Candace Owens Ohlmeier Pendleton subdivision in Tyrone without power since yesterday afternoon

Sheilah Doyal Anthony Drive Tyrone has been out since 2:35 yesterday.

Pat Martin King Still no power in area behind Kroger on Southside.

Rosanne Kramer Regis Vicinity of Beauregard, no power since 1pm yesterday

Shannon Tillman Mud Bridge Rd still out since a little after 2pm yesterday. Thank goodness we have a generator. Stay safe everyone.

Angie Brand Samples Trees down south Jeff Davis and 54 east, east of Fayetteville is down

Missy Bell Smith Right by downtown Fayetteville, haven’t had power since about 12:15-12:30 yesterday afternoon.

Teri Smith Williams Highland Park off S Jeff Davis since 2:30 yesterday.

Adrianna Messer Cline road is still out

Nancy Speckbrock Keuler No power in Jackson Estates off Antioch road since 2 yesterday

Jennifer Barker Stewart Power out since 2:30 yesterday afternoon on Rising Star Rd. Sounds like it’s going to be a busy day for the lineman.

Tammy Brown Stephens Farr Rd Tyrone out since just before 3 pm yesterday

Nichole McLachlan River Crest in Tyrone, across from Sandy Creek on 74. Power has been out since 2:30 yesterday.

Deborah Cross No power since noon yesterday. South Fayette county off Padgett

Robert Landrum Sorry Jeff Davis. No

Taunya Conley No power since around 3pm – North Fayette – Dix Lee On subdivision

Teri Muchow Chanticleer out since yesterday afternoon.

A Maria Rhymes River Crest Subdivision… power since 2:30pm yesterday

Kaila Gilam Brooks Georgia off Lowery. No power since 9a.m. yesterday.

Jennifer Pasch Ramsay No power in Heritage Pointe Subdivision in Senoia off Rockaway Rd. Been out since 2pm yesterday.

Kelly Jackson South Fayette since 12:40pm yesterday

Dawn Church Mortimer Lost power yesterday @2:30 Hood Rd by Pinewood.

Dana Hickman Weaver Power out since 3pm on Hillchase Ct. and Huntcliff Ct. near Pavilion off Hwy. 85N

Marilyn Harris No power in Habersham off Hwy 85 since 1:45 yesterday! Went out last night checking out damage and never saw any power company trucks anywhere!

Darin Goodman Lowery Road South Fayette. No power

Alex Hamlin Cathey Estates off Farr Rd in Tyrone out since 2pm yesterday.

Donna Cole Harrell No power in Brooks off McIntosh since 1:40 still off!

April Rowe Padgett rd no power since 12:30 yesterday

Alyssa L. Myers Brooks off of Mask Rd

Tammi Miller Tamaini Wilson McElroy Rd

Michael Harbin Farr Lake Estates off Farr Road in Tyrone. Out since 2:30 yesterday

Beth Clay Gillam Dirt portion of Chappell Rd still out.

Sandra Woodruff Raymond Ray st in Newnan power still off

Becky Koetje Douville New Hope Road @ Brogden. No power

Lynn Lovett Walker Ave – no power since around noon yesterday

Patti Frazier Off Helmer rd. No power still

Debra Murphy Peeks Crossing in Senoia had no power for 14 hours, power came back on at 6:30am

Linda Bosworth O’Shea Kari Glen Drive – out since noon yesterday

Katie Harrison Lake summerfield Senoia out since 1:30 pm yesterday

Alisha Dan Part of Lakemont subdivision is still out since 12:40pm yesterday.

Patty Burks Line Creek Estate off since 1:00 yesterday

Jason Bonner Power out off of Grant Rd since 2 pm Monday. The road is closed to through traffic.

Elaine Kilgore Marion Blvd. Chanticleer Subdivision.

Donna Black No power on Brooks Woolsey Rd

Robin Daniels Not restored @Stubbs Plantation.

Jamie Miller Bentley Lane off Kenwood road . It has been off since 1pm yesterday.

Kathleen Shrieves Moore Woolsey

Karen Woods Park Haven Lane no power since 2:30 pm yesterday.

Vicki Webb Pendleton in Tyrone out since 3 pm yesterday

Melissa Flock Pierce Kenwood Road is out in Fayetteville

Libby Harper Ga Ave near Jeff Davis. Out since 2:30 pm yesterday. Big heavy trucks rolling by all thru the night

Molly Young No power down Padgett Rd

Carolyn Conner Harp Road off Redwine has power.

Mary Thomas Sharpsburg area been without power since 1:30 yesterday

Charece Stokes Rabbits Run

Pam Bruner Hodge Gaelic Glen in Tyrone

Nancy Gray Griffin No power off Padgett road since 1 pm yesterday

Barbara Justice Mann Rd off of Tyrone palmetto is out since 2pm yesterday

Deanna Morales No power off Swanson in Tyrone since 3 pm yesterday

Stacey Randazzo Nations Dixon Cir, power off since 1:30pm

Niki Knox Vanderslice Senoia/Brooks at Padgett Rd and Morgan Mill Td. Out since 1:30 yesterday.

Melanie Allen Going on hour 15 here off Arrowood in Tyrone.

Michelle Lester Fowler No power at corner of Beauregard Blvd and Grady Ave since yesterday at 1:30pm

Brenda Peck Haskin Power was off from about 1:45-3 yesterday afternoon. Live off of New Hope road on Joana Drive

Lisa Pearce Brooks is still out!!!

Penny Strandberg Miller Power out off Padgett Road, Senoia/Brooks area.

Linda Rouse-Jones Still no power. Banks/ Poderosa

Gloria M Stacy No power here as well at South Jeff Davis.