Red lives matter, too

I agree with the Black Lives Matter activist who wants “white privilege” homes bequeathed to a needy black or brown family.

The homes in Buckhead are too big. They should be turned over to needy black or brown families.

May I add RED families to the list? My Ancestry report states that I am 45 percent Native American, aka American Indian.

I never played the Elizabeth Warren card to get any preferences, even though I was more “entitled” than she. I never checked off that “box” when the “box” started appearing in 1965, because I’m 55 percent something else, called ”white privilege.” Although we were poor, we didn’t know it, but now we realize we were actually “white privilege.”

My grandpappy had “high cheekbones” too, like Senator Warren’s grandpappy, but Grandpaw wanted us to be American-American, not American-something else.

Now that I am on the “far side of the mountain,” someone on Newport, Biscayne Bay, Kennebunkport or other ocean-front “white-privilege” community should give me their home. It’s only fair, to level the playing field.

Red Lives Matter, too.

Michael Velsmid

Peachtree City, Ga.