Litterers trash Line Creek Trail

Please consider putting an article into your paper as soon as possible for the public to be aware of what is occurring on the Line Creek Trail every weekend and possibly help curb after-dark activities at the creek.

My husband and I walk the trails every weekend, and for years, every Sunday, we have to walk with at least four grocery bags to pick up litter along the trail, specifically at the spot where kids swing into the creek (along the Plantain Terrace section).

And we’re not the only folks walking the trails with grocery bags that do this. The litter category is typically beer cans and bottles, clothes, cigarette boxes, food wrappers, and the odd cooler, and the kids that litter seem to take delight in seeing how far they can toss their junk.

During school holidays – particularly summer – is when it’s worst. Saturday nights throughout the year, though, are clearly prime time to party uninterrupted down at the creek.

These past two weeks, however, have become increasingly disturbing, as last week there were beer cans/bottles and used condoms; today (Sunday, May 28) there were more used condoms, sanitary towels, cigar and food wrappers, among other things. The portable toilet in the car park was turned over two weeks ago and nothing has been done to date to right it or clean up the hazardous waste which must have spilt.

I cannot begin to say how upsetting and unpleasant this is and there appears to be no effort made in monitoring the parking lot and recreation facility or access to the trail from Plantain Terrace after sundown on the weekends, particularly Saturday nights.

There is so much wonderful effort being made by various volunteer groups and the Conservancy Trust to make the trails, pavilion, amphitheater and wetlands area beautiful. This is a family show, guys. Children walk these trails, too.

Enough is enough. Someone has to take control and monitor the trail over the weekends.

And the summer school vacation has only just begun.

I look forward to a positive response from you.

Denise and Alasdair Best
Peachtree City, Ga.