Plant some fruit trees at The Ridge next Tuesday

Plant some fruit trees at The Ridge next Tuesday


There are always plenty of activities at The Ridge Nature Area in Fayetteville. An event on March 21 will have fruit trees planted in conjunction with The Orchard Project.

Managed by Southern Conservation Trust (SCT), The Ridge Nature Area at the end of Burch Road in Fayetteville will be the location for The Orchard Project to plant fruit-bearing trees at multiple trail heads on March 21

The Southern Conservation Trust is proud to announce their participation in The Orchard Project with the Atlanta Local Food Initiative. The Orchard Project installs edible school and community orchards that aim to feed, teach and inspire,” said Katie Pace, Executive Director of the Southern Conservation Trust. “Fruit bearing trees and plants at the trail heads will be a unique and fun way for the community to take something healthy on their hikes, while feeding the local wildlife at the same time.”.

The Southern Conservation Trust is the only organization in the Southern Crescent of Atlanta to have been chosen as one of eight selected organizations and schools to receive fruit bearing plants, said Pace.

“The Atlanta Local Food Initiative Orchard Project is multifaceted,” said Robby Astrove, who leads planting for The Orchard Project. “Obviously there’s a component about food access and getting more local food in the community. But there’s also harnessing the power of the fruit tree, which is the most productive, longest living form of agriculture. Creating food for decades from one simple planting is pretty incredible.”

The planting at multiple trail heads will occur from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Those interested in participating should bring gloves, shovels and a bagged lunch.