Brass gets his first bill passed

Newnan Sen. Matt Brass is seen recently with a young supporter. Brass successfully had his first bill adopted by the Senate on March. Photo/Matt Brass-Facebook.


Sen. Matt Brass (R-Newnan) may be new to the Georgia Senate, but that did not stop him from having his first bill passed by the Senate.

The Senate on March 3 adopted Senate Bill 153, which would allow for the exemption of state licensing requirements in order to dispense and sell FDA approved “over the counter hearing aids” to individuals over the age of 18 with mild or moderate hearing loss.

“I am honored and thankful that my colleagues in the Senate agreed that something had to be done about the high price of hearings aids,” said Sen. Brass. “The average cost of a basic hearing aid is $2,400. It is my hope that by opening up a new market, we are able to now provide a better quality of life to those who could not otherwise afford a regular hearing aid.”

SB 153 was passed by a vote of 52-1 on Crossover Day, the final day in which Senate bills can pass the Senate with enough time to receive consideration in the House before the last day of session. The bill will now move to the House for consideration.