Fayette’s SPLOST has a good cost-benefit ratio


I moved to Peachtree City, the best place to live in our state, a couple of years ago. I am on the PTC Planning Commission.

In my last county, I was a two-term county commissioner. I was a severe tax cutter. When I was chairman, annual tax increases went from 10 percent to 1 percent (now, they are back to 10 percent). We also had a SPLOST approved.

I was also the chairman of the tax subcommittee of the Association of County Commissioners. I have a strong knowledge of taxation.

We have a tendency in this state and our nation to want everything but be taxed at very low rates. That is not realistic, despite the disingenuous politicians of both parties that tell us it is.

So, we need to decide the cost-benefit of each tax. In my opinion, SPLOST has a very favorable cost-benefit ratio.

With government, I always question the need for adding staff whether on the local, state or national level. Not so with capital improvements. And, by law, SPLOST is for capital improvements, period.

In this country, we are way behind on infrastructure. Nationally, our roads, bridges and so on are falling into disrepair and needed projects are always delayed.

In this county and surrounding counties, the same is true. For example, finding elusive state funding for road alternatives to going through the Ga. highways 54-74 interchange is important for both Coweta and Fayette counties.

Surveys show that voters tend to disbelieve elected officials. That is unfortunate when it comes to things like a SPLOST which will help our city and county immensely.

We should all try to overcome our apathy and alienation, have faith in our local leaders to do the right thing, and vote for SPLOST on March 21.

Jack Bernard
Peachtree City, Ga.