Rep. Ferguson must support Medicare Advantage plans


I realize new 3rd District Representative Drew Ferguson has a lot to get up to speed on, but I hope he’ll make time to look into Medicare Advantage. The program, which is very popular among Georgia’s seniors, needs his support.

I’m a senior who has had only positive experiences with my Medicare Advantage plan. Recently, my bicep detached from my shoulder — and yes, that’s as painful as it sounds. During the arthroscopic procedure to repair it, my doctor also scraped arthritic damage off my collarbone.

My doctor recommended 12 sessions of rehab. I knew that traditional Medicare only covers six, so I was pleased when Medicare Advantage covered all 12. Without my health plan, I would have had to pay for the extra sessions out of pocket. Instead, I got twice the therapy and made a full recovery, without it affecting my finances.

Stories like this speak volumes, but what impresses me most is the people. With Medicare Advantage, you call and you get an answer, not a runaround. Dealing with our Medicare Advantage plan is a joy. Dealing with our previous coverage was not. I especially appreciate the reduction in paperwork because it makes it easier for my doctor to order the right tests.

Seniors need the quality of care Medicare Advantage provides. I encourage Rep. Ferguson to listen to seniors and to become a champion for Medicare Advantage now that he’s in Congress.

Bill Ercolini
Sharpsburg, Ga.