UNG announces Dean’s Lists



The deans of each of UNG’s five colleges – the College of Arts & Letters, the College of Education, the College of Health Sciences & Professions, the Mike Cottrell College of Business, and the College of Science & Mathematics – announced the names of those students who made their respective lists for fall 2016.

Local students include:

Laurence Tant of Brooks

Peyton Lee of Fayetteville

Chandler Gaston of Fayetteville

Anna Lisicia of Fayetteville

Savannah Dent of Fayetteville

Emily Boone of Fayetteville

Kara Skinner of Fayetteville

Melanie Schramm of Fayetteville

Taylor Turner of Fayetteville

Alexander Rojas of Fayetteville

Annie Walters of Fayetteville

Garrett McCartney of Hogansville

Joshua Nixon of Moreland

Emily Francos of Newnan

Chase Smith of Newnan

Charlotte Livingston of Newnan

Sarah Hardeman of Newnan

Amy Spurgeon of Newnan

Kristen Skaggs of Newnan

Abigail Mangieri of Newnan

Katherine Hester of Newnan

Autumn Horn of Newnan

Matthew Copeland of Newnan

John Kelly of Peachtree City

Veronica Cappas of Peachtree City

Adele Allen of Peachtree City

Rachel Crowe of Peachtree City

Abby Thompson of Peachtree City

Alexis Halm of Peachtree City

Emily Beardsley of Peachtree City

Diana Battleson of Peachtree City

Blake Liming of Peachtree City

Madeline Martaus of Peachtree City

Emily Ledbetter of Peachtree City

Shaelyn Comiskey of Peachtree City

Allison Schwinne of Peachtree City

Sebastian Bianchi of Peachtree City

Skylar Miller of Peachtree City

Malan Hess of Peachtree City

Fredrick Port IV of Peachtree City

Tiffany Pham of Riverdale

Paul Simpson of Senoia

Laura Rodes of Sharpsburg

Edward Moore of Sharpsburg

Elizabeth Powell of Sharpsburg

Samantha Franklin of Sharpsburg

Grace Daley of Sharpsburg

Alexis Sutton of Sharpsburg

Jeffrey Brown of Sharpsburg

Dezmone Valentine of Sharpsburg

Hannah Miller of Sharpsburg

Lindsey Head of Sharpsburg

Christopher Houghton of Tyrone

Tasha Marcelo of Tyrone

Martha Gibson of Tyrone